If Mice Could Roar Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share If Mice Could Roar Questions & Answers.

Written by Ruskin Bond, this poem transports the reader to a world of imagination. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of Florence Nightingale, Exam Stress and Examination Time so, you can check these posts as well.

If Mice Could Roar Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Soar – fly high
  • Folk – people
  • Buttered – butter put on something
  • Pebbles – small, round stones found in or near water
  • Shower – rain
  • Bullies – a person who uses his strength to hurt weaker people

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Mice could

(a) soar
(b) bark
(c) roar
(d) mew

2. Tiger could dine on

(a) biscuits and wine
(b) cakes
(c) rice and chapati
(d) chocolate

3. Pebbles could

(a) swim
(b) ring
(c) dance
(d) walk

4. Tortoise could

(a) walk
(b) run
(c) jump
(d) hop

5. A song could bring

(a) a shower
(b) a flower
(c) wind
(d) breeze

Question 2: What does the speaker wish the mice could do?

Answer: The speaker wishes if the mice could roar.

Question 3: Where does the poet imagine the trees to grow?

Answer: The poet imagines the trees to grow in the sky.

Question 4: What does the poet want the tigers to have as food?

Answer: The poet wants the tigers to have biscuits and wine as food.

Question 5: What does the poet mean by the line – ‘bullies be buttered on toast?

Answer: By the line the poet means that the people who bully and hurt others are to be punished and he likes them to be buttered and put on toast. He wants to do so because he wants them to learn from their mistakes, understand feelings of others and behave in a friendly manner with everyone.

Question 6: How do you feel if flowers come out of a gun? Discuss.

Answer: A gun symbolizes terror and if flowers come out of a gun, it would be wonderful. The world will be free of terror and violence.

Question 7: What according to the speaker would make the world a better place?

Answer: If a song brought rain and a gun shot out a flower, the world would be a better place.

Question 8: Do you think the things mentioned by the poet are true? Why?

Answer: The things mentioned by the poet are not true as the poem is full of imagination and it tells us how the world looks when normal things are being imagined as something different.

Question 9: Which bells do you think the speaker wants never to ring?

Answer: The speaker never wants to ring the bell of sadness.

So, these were If Mice Could Roar Questions & Answers.

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