Examination Time Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Examination Time Questions & Answers.

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Examination Time Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. There was a general belief in the school that clerk was omniscient and knew all the question papers of all the classes.
2. At school, everybody seemed to be overwhelmed by the thought of the examination.
3. The clerk denied having any knowledge of the questions papers.
4. Mani spent two annas on the brinjals.
5. The clerk advised Mani to practice map-drawing a lot, in Geography.

Question 2: How much time was left before the examination?

Answer: Two weeks were left before the examination.

Question 3: Who came to school at the stroke of the first bell?

Answer: Rajam came to school at the stroke of the first bell.

Question 4: To whom did Mani go just a week before the examination?

Answer: Mani went to the clerk just a week before the examination.

Question 5: What did he take for him?

Answer: Mani took brinjals for him.

Question 6: With whom did Mani feel like sharing his good secret?

Answer: Mani felt like sharing his good secret with Swaminathan.

Question 7: What did Swaminathan realise about his father two weeks before the examination?

Answer: Two weeks before the examination, Swaminathan realised that his father was changing for the worse. He was becoming fussy and difficult.

Question 8: How were Shankar, Somu and Mani behaving before the examinations?

Answer: Shankar had not smiled for a week while Somu had become brisk and business-like and Mani was beginning to look worried and took every opportunity to take Sankar aside and have his doubts cleared.

Question 9: What advice did the clerk give Mani?

Answer: The clerk had advised Mani to pay more attention to Geography. He would have to practice map-drawing a lot and in arithmetic, make it a point to solve at least five problems everyday. In English, he must read all important lessons again.

Question 10: Why did Mani say that the four Annas he had invested on brinjal was not after all a waste?

Answer: Mani said that the four Annas he had invested on brinjal was not after all a waste because he was greatly satisfied by the answers and advice given by the clerk and thought that he had got all the important questions.

Question 11: ‘He secretly pitied his classmates’. Who pitied the classmates and why?

Answer: Mani pitied the classmates because he thought that they would have to do coolie work without valuable hints.

So, these were Examination Time Questions & Answers.

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