Into the Future Questions & Answers

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Into the Future Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences in your own words.

1. The machine that the narrator showed his friends was different from the model he had shown them earlier as it was twenty times larger.
2. The chair was special as it had a lever fitted to it which could take people into the future or into the past.
3. The narrator invited his friends to test the chair a week later.
4. When the narrator sat in the chair for the first test flight, the time was nineteen minutes past four.
5. The first flight took him more than five hours into the future.
6. By mentioning the ‘blinking of lights’, the narrator wants to say that days passed very fast.

Question 2: Where did the narrator want to travel to? Why?

Answer: The narrator wanted to travel to the future first because the unknown interested him the most.

Question 3: What instructions did the narrator give his maid?

Answer: The narrator instructed his maid to cook the best dinner she could for his friends the next week. He also gave her a note for his friends.

Question 4: How did the narrator work the machine? Was it difficult to operate? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: The narrator sat down on the seat of the Time Machine and pulled the lever down a little and then stopped it. Then he pulled the lever harder and the Time Machine sped up. It was not very difficult to operate.

Question 5: What made the narrator think that his machine was a failure? Was he right? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: When the narrator started the Time Machine first, he did not notice any changes in the surroundings. So, he thought his machine was a failure. He was wrong.

Question 6: Though the narrator could see the maid working, why could she not see him?

Answer: The maid could not see the narrator because he was travelling through time.

Question 7: What did the windows darkening and brightening signify?

Answer: The brightening and darkening of the windows signified the coming and passing of days and nights.

Question 8: Why did he pull hard at the lever? What happened as a result of this?

Answer: The narrator had travelled too far into the future. He wanted to get back. So, he pulled hard at the lever. As a result, the machine stopped sharply and tipped over, throwing the narrator from his seat.

Question 9: Why does the narrator make this remark, ‘A fine welcome, a man travels over 800,000 years for a visit, and this is the greeting he gets!’?

Answer: The narrator heard a loud-thunderclap and felt a shower of hailstones on his face. So, he makes the remark suggesting that it was not a pleasant welcome.

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