The Tears of Princess Prunella Questions & Answers

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The Tears of Princess Prunella Questions & Answers

Question 1: What happened when the Princess commanded the boy to come near her?

Answer: When the Princess commanded the boy to come near, the boy drew back. The boy was taken by surprise and hence, with a bewildered look, he shook his head and refused to follow the Princess’ command.

Question 2: What reasons did the Queen give to the Princess that she could not play with Robert?

Answer: The Queen explained her that the little boy was hard of hearing hence, he cannot hear any sound, besides he was also not a prince. So, the Queen said that he would not be fit as a playfellow for her. She asked the Princess to choose her playfellow from other children who were gathered at the court.

Question 3: What reason did the Princess give for wanting to play with Robert?

Answer: The Princess said that she wanted Robert to be her playfellow as he was different from others and had a wonderful look on his face.

Question 4: Where did the pony finally stop?

Answer: The pony took the Princess into the deep forest and finally stopped near a little grey house that was in the middle of the forest. The house had a garden with beautiful flowers.

Question 5: What was the proclamation that was issued? Why was it issued?

Answer: The proclamation issue was to tell the whole world that Princess Prunella wanted someone to play with. So, whoever wished to be her playfellow was asked to be present in the hall on the appointed day.

Princess Prunella was a charming girl, but she was never happy. She would always grumble despite of having every bit of happiness her parents and fairy godmother could provide her with. She was always cross and discontented. Her parents thought that if she had someone to play with she would become a cheerful and happy Princess. So, they thought of issuing a proclamation.

Question 6: What would have happened if the Princess had not spoken kindly to Robert?

Answer: If the Princess had not spoken to him kindly, Robert would never have heard her. The boy said that he could hear her now as she was being kind and polite to him. When people are angry and speak roughly, he cannot hear them and hence, does not respond.

Question 7: How did the Princess react when she saw Robert sitting in the middle of the trim green lawn? What do you think about her reaction?

Answer: The Princess was surprised to see the boy sitting in the middle of the trim green lawn. She was happy to have finally found him and her heart gave one big jump of joy. She excitedly ran up to him and took his hand. I think her reaction is justified as she is a young girl who is happy to meet her playfellow.

Question 8: How can being polite help us? Discuss.

Answer: Being polite helps us to make friends. When we are polite, people like to talk to us and help us. People respect us and love us.

Question 9: Read this sentence and answer the questions:

“How dare you hesitate when I tell you to come here?”

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Princess Prunella is the speaker.

(b) Who is ‘you’?

Answer: ‘You’ is the little boy named Robert who was standing near the doorway.

(c) Why is the listener hesitating to come near the speaker?

Answer: The listener was hesitant to come near the speaker as the speaker seemed to be annoyed and was unkind and rude towards him.

(d) What does the listener do next?

Answer: The listener gave a surprised look and refused to come near the Princess.

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