The Guest Questions & Answers

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The Guest Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences in your own words.

1. People listened when Nasreddin spoke because he was a wise man.
2. Nasreddin went to the rich man’s house because the rich man had invited him for a feast.
3. The servant made Nasreddin wait at the gate so that he could ask his master’s permission to allow the mullah in.
4. The servant threatened to beat Nasreddin if he didn’t go away.
5. In the end, the rich man promised that he would not judge people by their dress or looks.

Question 2: How was Nasreddin treated at the gate the first time?

Answer: Nasreddin was treated rudely at the gate and was asked to go away.

Question 3: Did the rich man recognize Nasreddin the first time? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: The rich man did not recognize Nasreddin the first time. This was because he was shabbily dressed like a beggar.

Question 4: Why did the servant not stop Nasreddin from entering the gates when he came back the second time?

Answer: When Nasreddin came back the second time, he was wearing his finest silk garments, with a cap on his head and a high collared coat. The servant didn’t stop Nasreddin because he looked like a nobleman.

Question 5: ‘Mullah sahib! What are you doing?’ Why did the rich man make remark?

Answer: The rich man made the surprised remark when he saw Nasreddin spooning the soup over his cap. He also sprinkled crumbs of bread over the shoulders of his coat and fed the shish kabab to his sleeves.

Question 6: Why did the rich man hang his head in shame?

Answer: The rich man hung his head in shame when Nasreddin taught him the lesson that one should not judge people by their appearance and dress.

Question 7: The narrator has called Nasreddin a wise man. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answers.

Answer: Yes, I agree with this, because he wisely made the rich man understand that one should not judge people by their looks and dress.

So, these were The Guest Questions & Answers.

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