King Shivi Questions & Answers

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King Shivi Questions & Answers

Question 1: Whose name and fame was spreading?

Answer: King Shivi’s name and fame was spreading.

Question 2: Who disguised himself as an eagle?

Answer: Lord Indra disguised himself as an eagle.

Question 3: What did the eagle want instead of the pigeon?

Answer: The eagle wanted the flesh of King Shivi instead of the pigeon.

Question 4: What did King Shivi do to save the life of the pigeon?

Answer: King Shivi gave his whole body to save the life of the pigeon.

Question 5: Who said this to whom:

(a) I am going to change myself into a pigeon.

Answer: Dharmaraj said this to Lord Indra.

(b) Can you give me your flesh?

Answer: Eagle said this to King Shivi.

(c) I shall provide you a lot of food.

Answer: King Shivi said this to eagle.

(d) The eagle can take the whole of me.

Answer: King Shivi said this to the pigeon.

(e) You will always be known for your sacrifice and service.

Answer: Lord Indra said this to King Shivi.

Question 6: Write True or False for the following statements:

(a) Lord Indra changed himself into a pigeon – False
(b) King Shivi did not save the life of the pigeon – False
(c) The pigeon was heavier than the king’s thigh – True
(d) The eagle ate the pigeon – False
(e) King Shivi is known for his sacrifice – True

Question 7: Put the sentences in right order to complete the story.


…4…The pigeon requested the king to save his life.
…6…The king kept his thigh on the balance.
…2…The pigeon came to King Shivi.
…3…The eagle was following the pigeon.
…1…Lord Indra and Dharmaraj changed their appearances to test King Shivi.
…5…The eagle wanted flesh from King’s body.
…8…God appeared in front of King Shivi and blessed him.
…7…King Shivi sat on the balance himself to weigh the pigeon.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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