The Trunk of The Elephant Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Trunk of The Elephant Questions & Answers.

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The Trunk of The Elephant Questions & Answers

Question 1: Which is the most intelligent creature?

Answer: Man is the most intelligent creature.

Question 2: Why do the birds have wings?

Answer: The birds have wings to fly high in the sky.

Question 3: Whom did God call on to distribute tails?

Answer: God called on the monkey and the dog to distribute tails.

Question 4: What different kinds of tails did God make?

Answer: God made different kinds of tails – some were small, some were big. Some were straight and some were bushy.

Question 5: Why did God think of providing tail to all the animals?

Answer: God always adds something to make this world more beautiful. So, He thought of providing tail to all the animals.

Question 6: What did the dog choose for himself?

Answer: The dog chose a curly and bushy tail for himself.

Question 7: What did the monkey choose for himself?

Answer: The monkey chose a long and beautiful tail for himself.

Question 8: Why did the elephant become sad?

Answer: Seeing his short tail, the elephant became sad.

Question 9: What did God do to make the elephant happy?

Answer: God touched the elephant with love, caught his nose and pulled and pulled and pulled it. The elephant’s nose grew longer and longer and it became one more tail for the elephant and he became happy to see that.

Question 10: Why did the elephant thank God?

Answer: The elephant thanked God for his trunk.

Question 11: Write True or False for the following statements:

(a) Man had made this world – False
(b) The monkey is a wise animal – True
(c) The dog and the elephant were distributing tails – False
(d) The elephant got a small tail – True
(e) The monkey thanked God – False
(f) The elephant was sad to get trunk – False

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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