Life on the Island – A New Experience Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Life on the Island – A New Experience Questions & Answers.

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Life on the Island – A New Experience Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did Robinson find himself?

Answer: Robinson found himself on a deserted island.

Question 2: Where did Robinson live on the island?

Answer: Robinson lived in a cave on the island.

Question 3: How did Robinson arrive at the new island?

Answer: Robinson was on a voyage in a ship. The ship was caught in a storm and Robinson was washed ashore on a deserted island.

Question 4: Describe the new island and its climate?

Answer: The island was deserted, no humans lived there. The climate on the island was different from that of his native place. There were only two seasons- the rainy season and the summer season. The summer season was very dry and unsuitable for farming. Hunting was difficult during the rains.

Question 5: Since Robinson could not build a house made of bricks what was the next best thing that he did?

Answer: Since Robinson could not make brick houses, he learnt to make fences by growing sturdy plants in the ground.

Question 6: How did he protect his goats?

Answer: Robinson chose a field, fenced it and looked after his goats inside the fenced ground. Thus, he protected his goats.

Life on the Island – A New Experience Questions & Answers

Question 7: Why did Robinson cultivate crops?

Answer: To survive on the island Robinson needed to eat, so he began to cultivate crops.

Question 8: What did he do to make pots that could hold water? 

Answer: He set to work to make a container which could hold water.

Question 9: Did these containers hold water?

Answer: No, these containers did not hold water.

Question 10: How did he make containers to hold water?

Answer: One day, a clay pot fell in the fire. He saw that the pieces of the broken clay pot did not burn; they were as hard as stone. Next day, he put all his clay pots in a pile and put some dried wood around it and set it on fire. He took one of the newly baked pots and filled it with water.

Question 11: How did he make the clay pots ‘hard as stone’?

Answer: He made the clay pots ‘hard as stone’ by baking them on the fire.

Question 12: What did he cook in the newly-baked pot?

Answer: He cooked in the newly-baked pot a delicious soup.

Question 13: Why and how did Robinson learn to make baskets? What happened next?

Answer: Robinson needed baskets to store the grains. He cultivated in the fields. So, he tried to make baskets from the branches of trees. These rough baskets could hold only large crops. Then, he made clay pots and fitted them into the baskets to hold the small grains.

Question 14: How did Robinson make some clothes for himself?

Answer: Robinson made a hat by using animal skins. He sewed two pieces of skin together and made clothes for himself. For this, he used an animal’s nail as a needle and a thin strip of skin as a thread.

Life on the Island – A New Experience Questions & Answers

Question 15: How did Robinson make bread?

Answer: Robinson ground some grain into flour using two stones. He kneaded this flour into a soft dough. He heated a large flat stone, placed the dough over it and covered the dough with a broken pot. Thus, he learned to bake bread.

Question 16: When did Robinson get the idea to bake the clay pots on fire?

Answer: One day, when Robinson was roasting some meat for dinner, a clay pot fell into the fire and broke. He could not remove the broken pieces of the pot as the fire was very hot. Later, Robinson found that the broken clay pots had become very hard because of the heat of the fire. Thus, he got the idea of baking the clay pots to make them hard and strong to hold water and liquids.

Question 17: Make a list of things that Robinson made during the time when he was alone on the deserted island.


  • Built shelter for him and his goats.
  • Baskets to carry grains
  • Clay pots to store grains
  • Clay pots to store water and cook food.
  • Clothes using animal’s skin.

Question 18: Choose the correct option:

(a) Robinson could not expect to build a house made of _________ and mortar.

(i) boulders

(ii) tar

(iii) brick

(iv) rocks

(b) The clay pots which Robinson made were fitted into the _________.

(i) ropes

(ii) boxes

(iii) baskets

(iv) door knobs

Question 19: What happened after this:

(a) Robinson’s ship was caught in a storm, he found himself in a deserted island.

(b) One of the clay pots fell into the fire, so Robinson learnt baking could make the clay pots harder.

(c) Hunting was difficult during the rains, so Robinson learnt to preserve things.

So, these were Life on the Island – A New Experience Questions & Answers.

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