Love That Chocolate Questions & Answers

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Love That Chocolate Questions & Answers

Question 1: Which tree gives us chocolate? Where is it grown?

Answer: The cacao tree gives us chocolate. It is grown in coastal lands in the tropics.

Question 2: What care has to be taken to raise cacao trees?

Answer: Cacao trees are very delicate. When young, they need protection from direct sun and wind.

Question 3: When does a cacao tree begin to bear fruit?

Answer: A cacao tree begins to bear fruit when it is about 12 to 15 years old.

Question 4: What is the special feature of a cacao tree?

Answer: The special feature of a cacao tree is that the flowers grow on the trunk of the tree and not on the branches.

Question 5: How long does it take a pod of chocolate beans to ripen?

Answer: It takes about six months for a pod of chocolate beans to ripen.

Question 6: At what time during the year are chocolate beans harvested?

Answer: They can be harvested at any time when they are ripe.

Question 7: How are chocolate beans made into edible ‘nibs’?

Answer: Chocolate beans are cleaned thoroughly and roasted in an oven which cracks them. After removing the shells, we get edible pieces called ‘nibs’.

Question 8: How is chocolate good for health? Why should we not eat too much?

Answer: Chocolate is good for health because it is a good source of minerals and vitamin B. It adds a lot of calories to the diet. However, we should not eat too much because it contains caffeine which can keep you awake when your body needs rest.

Question 9: The Spaniards made a tasty drink from cocoa beans. How was it different from a chocolate drink?

Answer: The Spaniards used sugar in their drink instead of pepper.

Question 10: What did the Swiss do to add to the taste of chocolate?

Answer: The Swiss blended chocolate with milk and sugar to add to its taste.

So, these were Love That Chocolate Questions & Answers.

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