A Page From Anne Frank’s Diary Questions & Answers

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A Page From Anne Frank’s Diary Questions & Answers

Question 1: When and where was Anne Frank born?

Answer: Anne Frank was born in 1929 in Germany.

Question 2: Where had she to live in hiding and when?

Answer: She had to live in hiding in the little attic of a house in Germany. It was during the Second World War.

Question 3: When and how did Anne die?

Answer: Anne died of typhus in March, 1945.

Question 4: Why did Anne form the habit of diary writing?

Answer: Anne had no one to share the feelings of her heart. So, she formed the habit of diary writing.

Question 5: What did Anne call her diary?

Answer: Anne called her diary ‘Kitty’.

Question 6: Why was the entire class quaking in its boots?

Answer: The entire class was quaking in its boots because annual results were going to be declared.

Question 7: What did Anne feel about a quarter of her class?

Answer: Anne felt they were all dummies and should be kept back.

Question 8: Who was Anne not worried about and why?

Answer: Anne was not worried about herself and her girlfriends. She felt they would all pass the exam.

Question 9: Who was Mr Keesing? Why was he annoyed with Anne?

Answer: Mr Keesing was the maths teacher. He was annoyed with Anne because she talked too much in the class.

Question 10: What reason did Anne give for her being a chatterbox?

Answer: Anne said her mother also talked as much she did. Thus, talking was an inherited trait with her. Moreover, she said talking was a student’s trait.

Question 11: Who was Sanne? How did she help Anne?

Answer: Sanne was Anne’s friend. She was good at poetry. She helped Anne in writing an essay in verse.

Question 12: What story was told by Anne in her poem?

Answer: It was the story of a mother duck and a father swan. They had three ducklings. The father killed the three ducklings because they quacked too much.

Question 13: Why was Anne given extra homework by Mr Keesing?

Answer: Mr Keesing remained annoyed with Anne for talking in the class. So, he would give her extra homework as a punishment.

Question 14: How did Mr Keesing react on reading Anne’s poem?

Answer: Mr Keesing was much amused on reading the poem. He read it to the class and several other classes also.

Question 15: Complete each sentence:

1. The Second World War was fought from 1939 to 1945.
2. The first essay Anne was given to write as a punishment for talking in the class was ‘A Chatterbox’.
3. The second topic on which Anne was asked to write as a punishment for talking in the class was ‘An Incorrigible Chatterbox’.
4. The essay that Anne wrote in verse was titled ‘Quack, Quack, Quack’.

Question 16: Choose the right option:

1. Anne Frank was a _______ girl.

(a) Jewish
(b) Muslim

2. Anne Frank named her diary _______.

(a) Kitty
(b) Sanne

3. The Second World War started in ________.

(a) 1939
(b) 1945

4. Amongst Anne’s teachers, there were _______ men.

(a) two
(b) seven

5. In her essay, Anne wrote that talking is a _______ trait.

(a) teacher’s
(b) student’s

6. Mr Keesing gave Anne extra _______ for talking in the class.

(a) homework
(b) classwork

So, these were A Page From Anne Frank’s Diary Questions & Answers.

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