Macbeth Questions & Answers

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Macbeth Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Macbeth?

Answer: Macbeth was a Scottish General and was made the ‘Thane of Glamis’ (Glamis and Cawdor is the village names in Scotland). He became the King of Scotland after killing King Duncan.

Question 2: What did the witches tell Macbeth?

Answer: The witches told Macbeth that he would be the King after the possession of Cawdor.

Question 3: How did Lady Macbeth come to know about the strange procession of events?

Answer: Lady Macbeth came to know about the strange events from the letter from her husband in which she read the encounter of her husband with witches and their prediction of him becoming a King.

Question 4: How did she help Macbeth in murdering King Duncan?

Answer: She encouraged Macbeth and told him to kill the King to get the throne. She also told him to shift the blame to the King’s grooms by spreading blood on them.

Question 5: Who were the only possible witnesses of the murder?

Answer: King’s grooms were the only possible witnesses of the murder.

Question 6: Why did the two princes escape from Scotland?

Answer: The two princes escaped from Scotland because of the fear to be killed by the new king.

Question 7: Why did Macbeth seek out of the witches and what did he learn from them?

Answer: Macbeth was feared by the haunt of Banquo’s ghost so, he seeks out the witches and learned that he must beware of the Thane of Fife (MacDuff). They also informed him that he would not be harmed by one ‘of woman born’ and would not be defeated until ‘Birnam Wood’ should come against him.

Question 8: What happened to Lady Macbeth?

Answer: Lady Macbeth lost control over her mind. She sleepwalked, spoke ‘unnatural deeds’ and died in a castle near Birnam Wood.

So, these were Macbeth Questions & Answers.

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