My Life Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share My Life Questions & Answers.

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My Life Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was the ‘good news’? Who brought the news?

Answer: The ‘good news’ brought by young Abdul’s mathematics teacher, was that Abdul had scored full marks in mathematics and science, and that he had also done well in English and Tamil.

Question 2: Why was the narrator ‘pleased’?

Answer: The narrator was pleased because his teacher had taken the trouble to come all the way to his house to share the good news.

Question 3: Why did young Abdul have to wake up early?

Answer: Young Abdul had to wake up early to attend Arabic tuition classes as well as to learn to read the Koran.

Question 4: Who was Sivasubramania Iyer? What did he do to inspire the boys?

Answer: Sivasubramania lyer was Abdul’s teacher in the fifth standard. By combining theoretical learning with real-life examples, he inspired the boys to think practically about what they were learning.

Question 5: What did young Abdul and his friend Ramanadha Sastry do one day?

Answer: One day when it rained, they set sail their whole fleet of boats in puddles. Whenever Abdul found an ant or an insect, he would put it in the boat so that it could ride to safety.

Question 6: How did the narrator feel when he had to leave his town to go to for his higher studies to Ramanathpuram?

Answer: The narrator was sad to leave Rameswaram. He was scared to leave a place where he knew everybody and everyone knew him, and where he knew every tree and corner. Leaving his family, and especially his mother, made him very sad.

Question 7: What were the words on the plaque in the new school? How did the words help the narrator?

Answer: The words on the plaque read ‘Let not thy winged days be spent in vain. When once gone, no gold can buy them back.’ The words filled young Abdul not only with hope and expectations, but also helped him overcome his homesickness.

Question 8: List and describe at least two traits that you see in young Abdul that helped him reach such impressive heights.

Answer: Dr. Kalam was dedicated and hard-working from a young age. He would start his day early to learn Arabic and the Koran. He was also eager to learn, something we can see in his willingness to leave everything he knew and loved behind in Rameswaram in his search for knowledge at Ramanathapuram.

Question 9: The narrator says, “Our school was small, but it had many such teachers like him.” What does the narrator mean by the words ‘teachers like him’?

Answer: The narrator meant that teachers like young Abdul’s mathematics teacher were caring, patient, kind, dedicated and empathetic. Abdul’s teacher came all the way to his house to share the good news that Abdul had done very well in his exams. This showed how kind and caring he was. He felt the same joy in Abdul’s achievements as Abdul and his family did.

So, these were My Life Questions & Answers.

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