On The Yellow Brick Road Questions & Answers

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On The Yellow Brick Road Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why do these characters say these lines? Give reasons.

(a) Scarecrow: Even if the wizard didn’t give me a brain, I’d be no worse off than I’m now.

Answer: The Scarecrow doesn’t have a brain, yet he can do enough thinking for himself. If the Wizard doesn’t give him a brain, he would remain the same. He has nothing to lose.

(b) Tinman: No, it feels wonderful.

Answer: Dorothy and the Scarecrow take turns oiling the Tinman. They oil the Tinman’s arm holding the axe and the axe falls to his side. The Tinman feels good because he had been carrying that axe for ages and his arm feels uncomfortable.

(c) Scarecrow: Animals that eat straw?

Answer: Scarecrow is worried because he is made of straw and is afraid of being eaten by a wild animal.

Question 2: Dorothy is caring and intelligent. Give reasons.

Answer: Dorothy is caring and intelligent because she cares for all the characters she meets and finds a solution to their problems.

Question 3: Scarecrow says, “you see, I can’t even scare a crow.” Why is this line funny?

Answer: This line is funny because a scarecrow is supposed to scare away crows from the field, but this talking Scarecrow fails to scare any crows.

Question 4: Scarecrow, Tinman and lion believe that the wizard of Oz can make them intelligent, kind and brave. Can someone give these qualities to anyone? Discuss.

Answer: No, nobody can give these qualities to another person, but we can give others the confidence to think they have these qualities.

Question 5: Do you think that scarecrow is really stupid and Tinman is really heartless? Give examples from the story?

Answer: No, I think Scarecrow is smart and Tinman is kind. Scarecrow tells Dorothy that she can take either diversion on the Yellow Brick Road and makes a joke about it. He also tells her how to get him down from the pole. These incidents show that he is clever. Tinman is very polite and friendly towards Dorothy and Scarecrow, and he is sad about not having a heart. But we can only feel sad if we have a heart.

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