Nat Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Nat Questions & Answers.

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Nat Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Nat had been sent to Plumfield by ___________.

(a) Mr Laurence
(b) Mr Bhaer
(c) a lady
(d) Aunt Jo

2. Mr Bhaer didn’t want Nat to work too hard as he felt that

(a) Nat would not be able to learn anything.
(b) Nat had a lot of time to learn.
(c) Nat would not be able to work much.
(d) Nat had a lot of time to learn and he would fall ill if he tried too hard.

3. Nat was scared when he first went to school because

(a) he didn’t like to study.
(b) he felt he didn’t know as much as the other boys knew.
(c) he was afraid of his teachers.
(d) he didn’t like the boys.

4. Mr Bhaer decided that each time Nat lied

(a) Nat would punish him.
(b) he would punish Nat.
(c) Nat would hide it from him.
(d) Mrs Bhaer would punish Nat.

5. Some of the things Nat could do were

(a) play the piano and sing well.
(b) play the violin and control his temper.
(c) solve mathematical problems and help others with them.
(d) read well and recite poems.

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. ‘So, this is my new boy? I am glad to see you, my dear and hope you’ll be happy here.’

(a) Who was the new boy? Who was happy to see him?

Answer: The new boy was Nat. Mr and Mrs Bhaer were happy to see him.

(b) Where was the speaker welcoming the boy?

Answer: The speaker was welcoming the boy to Plumfield.

2. For instance, you can keep your temper, which Jack, who is clever at figures, cannot. That is a lesson which you have learnt very well.

(a) Who was able to keep his temper?

Answer: Nat was able to keep his temper.

(b) Why did the speaker say these lines?

Answer: The speaker said these lines to encourage him.

3. ‘You shall ferule me in the good, old-fashioned way. I seldom do it myself, but it may make you remember better, if you have to give me pain.’

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Mr Bhaer said this to Nat.

(b) Why was the speaker making this suggestion?

Answer: Mr Bhaer made this suggestion as he was trying to stop Nat from lying.

Question 3: How do we know that Mr Bhaer was kind to Nat?

Answer: Mr Bhaer was kind to Nat because he welcomed him warmly. He encouraged Nat by showing him his strengths rather than talking about his weaknesses.

Question 4: Would you say that Plumfield was a good school? Give reason for your answer.

Answer: Yes, Plumfield was a good school because Mr Bhaer taught in that school and he encouraged students to do their best.

Question 5: Why did Mr Bhaer allow Nat to go out and play the fiddle?

Answer: Mr Bhaer allowed Nat to go out and play the fiddle because he knew he was good at it and that it would give him the feeling that he too could do something that the other children could not do.

Question 6: What was the one serious fault in Nat’s character?

Answer: A fault in Nat’s character was that he lied. It was a grave fault as lying is a bad habit. Lying is like cheating.

Question 7: Do you think Mr Bhaer did the right thing by making Nat strike him with a ruler? Discuss.

Answer: Mr Bhaer knew that Nat would not learn to stop lying because he knew that lying was a habit that Nat had developed and it would be hard for him to give it up easily. However, Mr Bhaer knew that if Nat was to punish him, he would feel guilty about hurting his teacher and he would stop lying. Though this may seem like an extreme method, it worked best with Nat.

So, these were Nat Questions & Answers.

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