No Vice Like Avarice Questions & Answers

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No Vice Like Avarice Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was the name of fisherman?

Answer: The name of the fisherman was Babu Lal.

Question 2: What was the source of livelihood of the fisherman?

Answer: The fisherman used to catch fish and sell in the market. This was the only source of livelihood for him.

Question 3: Why did the fisherman leave the queen fish.

Answer: The fisherman left the queen fish because it requested him not to kill her and in return it would fulfill all his needs.

Question 4: What did Babu Lal do on the request of queen fish?

Answer: On the request of queen fish, Babu Lal threw it into the river and came back home with empty hand.

Question 5: What was the first demand of fisherman’s wife?

Answer: The first demand of fisherman’s wife was to ask for a house as they were in need of a house.

Question 6: What was the second demand of fisherman’s wife?

Answer: The second demand of fisherman’s wife was a bigger house with money.

Question 7: What did the fisherman said to his wife on his third demand?

Answer: The fisherman told his wife that now, they had everything and they must not be greedy.

Question 8: What did the queen fish said to the fisherman hearing his third demand?

Answer: On hearing the fisherman’s third demand, the queen fish said that his wife was very greedy and she could never be happy. The fish asked him to labour hard and he would be happy.

Question 9: Why was fisherman’s wife crying?

Answer: The fisherman’s wife was crying because in place of a beautiful house, there was only a hut.

Question 10: How did the fisherman become rich again?

Answer: The fisherman began to do hard labour and soon again they became rich and happy.

Question 11: Fill in the blanks:

1. Fisherman’s wife was very greedy.
2. The fisherman was poor but gentle and honest.
3. The fisherman threw the fish into the river.
4. We must not be greedy.
5. Do hard labour and you will be happy.
6. No vice like avarice.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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