Not Such a Bad Thing After All Questions & Answers

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Not Such a Bad Thing After All Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Something new had come to the village of Indora. What was it?

(a) a village-crier
(b) a letter
(c) a school
(d) a moneylender

2. What did Totaram see when he peeped through the bamboo sticks?

(a) children sitting in a classroom
(b) his father talking to a strange man
(c) his sister, Jai
(d) his mother holding a letter

3. Why did Tota tell his mother that he was going to school?

(a) because she asked about the cows
(b) because she wanted to know how he had learnt to read
(c) because she wanted to call the letter writer
(d) because she wanted to tell his father

4. How did Tota and other children manage their school as well as the cows?

(a) They did not bother about the cows.
(b) They found other people to look after the cows.
(c) They took turns to look after the cows.
(d) They tied the cows outside the school.

5. Who was about to be cheated by the moneylender?

(a) Totaram’s father
(b) Jai
(c) Bala
(d) Totaram’s mother

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. I need my son in the fields.

(a) Who said this?

Answer: Tota’s father said this.

(b) Why did the speaker say this? How did the listener react?

Answer: The speaker said this because new school had opened in the village and the children were being asked by the teacher to go to the school. The listener, Totaram was very happy to hear his father say that he was needed in the fields.

2. Give me your letter, Mother, and I’ll try to read it to you.

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Totaram said this to his mother.

(b) Why was the listener surprised?

Answer: His mother was shocked to hear this because she did not even know that her son had been attending school.

3. Father, Father, it’s not true!

(a) What was not true?

Answer: What the moneylender had written on the paper was not true.

(b) How did the speaker help his father?

Answer: The speaker helped his father by telling him that what the moneylender was saying, and what, he had actually written in the paper was quite different.

Question 3: What made Totaram go to school though he was afraid of it at the beginning?

Answer: When Totaram saw the children sitting in the classroom, he was curious to know what they were doing and so he also wanted to go to school.

Question 4: Why do you think Totaram’s mother did not tell her husband that Totaram could read?

Answer: Totaram’s mother did not tell her husband that Totaram could read because Totaram’s father had said that Totaram could not go to school and he would have to help him in the fields.

Question 5: How did the moneylender attempt to cheat Totaram’s father? How was he saved from being cheated?

Answer: The moneylender told Totaram’s father that in return for the fifty rupees he was lending him, he was to pay him two rupees a month till he paid back all the money he lent him. However, in fact he had written on the paper that he would have to pay him an interest of five rupees per month until he could pay back all the money he had lent his father. Totaram saved his father from being cheated as he read out the paper to his father.

Question 6: Why do you think the moneylender gave false information to Totaram’s father?

Answer: Moneylender gave Totaram’s father the wrong information because he knew that Totaram’s father could not read and so he could fool him very easily.

Question 7: Do you think Totaram was right in ‘interfering’ in the talk of the grown-up people?

Answer: Yes, Totaram was right in interfering in the conversation between grown-up people because the moneylender was trying to cheat his father.

Question 8: Totaram’s father says, ‘Perhaps, school is not such a bad thing after all.’ What does he mean by this? What brought about a change in his attitude?

Answer: Totaram’s father means that it is probably not such a bad idea to send children to school because he realised that knowing how to read prevents one from being cheated. The fact that Totaram had helped him by reading out what the moneylender was asking him to sign made him change his attitude towards reading and studying.

So, these were Not Such a Bad Thing After All Questions & Answers.

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