MS Subbulakshmi A Voice Beyond Compare Questions & Answers

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MS Subbulakshmi A Voice Beyond Compare Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Subbulakshmi was the first singer to be awarded with the____________.

(a) Padma Shri
(b) Bharat Ratna
(c) Arjuna Award
(d) Padma Vibhushan

2. Subbulakshmi’s mother used to play the_____________.

(a) sitar
(b) violin
(c) veena
(d) table

3. M S chose music as a career as she

(a) wanted to be famous.
(b) wanted to teach others the art of singing.
(c) had met many famous musicians and had learnt a lot about music from them.
(d) couldn’t dance too well.

4. M S learnt the nuances of ____________.

(a) both Carnatic and Hindustani music
(b) only Carnatic music
(c) Western music and Carnatic music
(d) only Hindustani music

5. M S had acted in _________ films.

(a) ten
(b) two
(c) five
(d) one

Question 2: What did Subbulakshmi’s parents and grandmother do?

Answer: Subbulakshmi’s mother was a veena player and her father was a stage performer. Her grandmother was an eminent violinist.

Question 3: What is the tradition of Devadasis?

Answer: According to the tradition of Devdasis, a girl is dedicated to worship and service of a deity or a temple for the rest of her life by her parents at a very young age.

Question 4: Which were some of Subbulakshmi’s famous performances?

Answer: Some of Subbulakshmi’s famous performances are:

  • Edinburgh International Festival.
  • New York, Carnegie Hall.
  • Royal Albert Hall, London

Question 5: Why did M S stop acting in films?

Answer: She quit films to return to her true passion of singing and performing in concerts.

Question 6: Who were M S’s most famous fans?

Answer: M S’s most famous fans were – Gandhi ji, Jawaharlal Nehru and Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan.

Question 7: Was M S a musical prodigy? Give examples to support your answer.

Answer: Yes M S was a musical prodigy. She was the first singer to be presented with the Bharat Ratna. She started singing at a very young age. She performed at Tiruchirrapalli’s Rockfort temple at the age of 13 and left the audience spellbound. They declared her as a prodigy.

Question 8: Why was M S considered a torchbearer for Indian Classical Music?

Answer: She is known as a torchbearer of Indian classical music as she performed abroad at the Edinburgh international Festival, at New York’s Carnegie Hall and at the Royal Albert Hall in London. She took Carnatic music across the globe.

Question 9: Why was Subbulakshmi’s music so endearing?

Answer: Subbulakshmi’s music was so endearing as she sang it with great devotion.

Question 10: There are many gifted local music bands and singers all over India, including classical and folk musicians. Many of them do not get the attention they deserve. How can we support local musicians in our city or area? List some ways in which we can bring attention to them.

Answer: We can support local musicians in our city or area in the following ways:

  • By organising concerts that promote their art.
  • Ensuring that they are never short of funds.
  • Organisations that deal with cultural events could ensure that old musicians still have a means of livelihood when they cannot perform.

So, these were MS Subbulakshmi A Voice Beyond Compare Questions & Answers.

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