The River Maker Questions & Answers

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The River Maker Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Rajendra Singh brought water to the deserts by

(a) using modern irrigation systems.
(b) using traditional rainwater harvesting systems.
(c) building dams.
(d) causing artificial rainfall.

2. Rajendra Singh used to be

(a) an engineer.
(b) an ayurvedic physician.
(c) a farmer.
(d) a lawyer.

3. The reason why Rajendra Singh started working in the desert was that

(a) he was tired of being a physician.
(b) he thought working in the desert would make him famous.
(c) he wanted to help the local people get water.
(d) he was forced by his family.

4. The family thought that Rajendra Singh was a madman because

(a) he gave up government job and pension to do social work.
(b) he wanted to bring water to the desert.
(c) he didn’t have any money.
(d) he wasn’t going to live in the city.

5. The ___________ taught Rajendra Singh to build johads.

(a) engineers
(b) farmers
(c) teachers
(d) locals

Question 2: What was one of the main reasons for the lack of water in the area around the Ruparel river?

Answer: Rampant deforestation had led to the lack of water in the area around the Ruparel river.

Question 3: What was Rajendra Singh’s family’s reaction to his moving to the village? Why did they react that way?

Answer: They thought he was insane to give up a secure job and take to social work. They reacted this way because he had a government job that paid him well and he would lose his pension too.

Question 4: How did Rajendra Singh gain the villagers’ trust?

Answer: Rajendra Singh started with an ayurvedic dispensary and also began to work on education. When the villagers told him that they wanted water first, he started to work on building johads. That is how, he gained the villagers’ trust.

Question 5: How did Rajendra Singh bring water to the villages?

Answer: Rajendra Singh brought water to the villages by building johads.

Question 6: What are some of the things one must remember before making a johad?

Answer: Before making a johad, the geography, topography, catchment area, pond area and soil type need to be considered.

Question 7: Why was Thanagazi in Alwar district called a ‘dark zone’?

Answer: Thanagazi in Alwar district was called a dark zone because it had no groundwater.

Question 8: The decision of leaving the job and moving to a drought-prone area is not an easy decision. What quality does this indicate about Rajendra Singh?

Answer: This shows that Rajendra Singh was brave, adventurous, confident and committed to doing something good for people.

Question 9: Describe a johad in your own words.

Answer: A johad is a semicircular pond that collects the run-off from the tiny streams and rivulets in a much wider area. The first one that Rajendra Singh with other farmers made was about 5 metres deep with an area of between 100 and 200 square meters and had a catchment area of about 100 hectares.

Question 10: Other than the johads, in what other ways can people in drought-prone areas save and reuse water?

Answer: The following could be done in drought prone areas to save and reuse water:

1. Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily. Dispose of tissue paper and other similar waste in the trash rather than the toilet.
2. Have bucket baths rather than showers.
3. Avoid letting the water run while brushing your teeth, washing your face or shaving.
4. Use a water can to water plants.
5. Do not wash cars with water from pipes.

Question 11: Rajendra Singh’s efforts have changed the lives of thousands of people. How do you think one man brought about such a huge change? Do you know of others who have done so?

Answer: One man brought about such a huge change because of his determination and will to do something for the people. He looked beyond himself and assessed the problems faced by humanity and really wanted to make a difference in their lives.
Other people who have done so are Sonam Wangchuk who has been working to make the lives of people in the hills easier and also Bunker Roy who helped women in villages gain employment.

So, these were The River Maker Questions & Answers.

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