On the Pasture Questions & Answers

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On the Pasture Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. When Heidi awoke and opened her eyes she heard a loud whistle – True
2. When Heidi lived with Ursula she could go wherever she liked – False
3. Grandpa wanted Heidi to wash herself – True
4. Heidi forgot Peter and his goats – True

Question 2: Why couldn’t Heidi remember where she was when she woke up?

Answer: Heidi couldn’t remember where she was when she was woken up by a loud whistle. She also saw hay around her bathed in sunlight. Also, it had only been one day since she had come up to the mountain leaving old Ursula.

Question 3: Who were Schwanli and Barli?

Answer: Schwanli and Barli were goats.

Question 4: What did the mountainside look like?

Answer: The mountainside was beautiful with the sun shining bright and blue and yellow flowers blooming. The sky was of deep-blue colour and cloudless.

Question 5: How could Peter manage to drive the goats together?

Answer: Peter could drive the goats together by shouting and whistling, especially by swinging his rod.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “Go now, and wash yourself first, for the sun will laugh at you…..”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Grandpa said this to Heidi.

(b) Why did he ask the person to wash herself?

Answer: He told Heidi to wash because Heidi wanted to go to the pasture and she was still not used to such a life.

(c) What did he mean by the sum will laugh at you?

Answer: He meant that Heidi should be clean before going to the pasture so that nobody, not even the sun, could laugh at her.

2. “She is going to stay with you all day, therefore milk two bowls full for her dinner….”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Grandpa said this to Peter.

(b) Who was going to stay and with whom?

Answer: Heidi was going to stay with Peter.

(c) Why should he milk two bowls full for her?

Answer: Grandpa wanted Heidi to be well-fed especially as she was new to the farm.

3. Heidi even forgot Peter and his goats.

(a) Why did Heidi forget Peter and his goats?

Answer: Heidi was so lost in the beauty of flowers and in collecting them that she forgot about Peter and his goats.

(b) What did she do?

Answer: She ran far ahead of Peter and then strayed away off to one side.

(c) What happened later?

Answer: As Heidi strayed away, Peter had a difficult time looking for her and called for her angrily.

Question 7: Why was Heidi happy to find herself in her new home?

Answer: Heidi was happy to find herself in her new home because she would not have to stay in a narrow room.

Question 8: What did Peter do for a living?

Answer: Peter reared goats and milked them for a living.

Question 9: Why did the grandfather ask Heidi to go into the tub like a fish when she got back?

Answer: The grandfather wanted Heidi to bathe properly after coming back from the pasture.

Question 10: Why did Peter get angry with Heidi?

Answer: Peter got angry with Heidi because she strayed away in the pasture.

So, these were On the Pasture Questions & Answers.

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