One Foggy Morning Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share One Foggy Morning Questions & Answers.

Stories about imaginary events on Earth or on another planets, dealing with time travel and involving alien species or creatures can be termed as science fiction. In this chapter, we see something very similar. Rishi, a school going boy, was waiting at the bus stop when one morning a stranger appeared and talked to him. The stranger was not an ordinary person as he was able to perform some unusual tricks which are not possible for ordinary man to do but we see that he was not able to impress Rishi at all.

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One Foggy Morning Questions & Answers

Word Meanings

  • Startled – surprised
  • Whirled – turned around quickly
  • Blurted out – spoke without thinking
  • Retreated – moved back to where it came from
  • Prompted – reminded
  • Rattled – disconcerted, unsettle
  • Ventriloquist – a performer who can speak in a way that makes it seem as if the voice is coming from somewhere else

Question 1: Why was Rishi standing at the bus stop? Whom did he meet there?

Answer: Rishi was standing at the bus stop because he was waiting for his school bus. He met a stranger there.

Question 2: Which two things did the man give Rishi?

Answer: The man gave the chocolates and the toy car to Rishi.

Question 3: How did the man help Rishi to pick up his toy car?

Answer: The man lengthened his arm till his fingers reached the ground and picked up the toy car for Rishi.

Question 4: According to Rishi, how was the man able to perform the tricks?

Answer: According to Rishi the man was either a magician or a ventriloquist. That is how he was able to perform the tricks.

One Foggy Morning Questions & Answers

Question 5: Why did the stranger get upset with Rishi?

Answer: The stranger got upset with Rishi because no matter how hard he tried he failed to impress Rishi.

Question 6: Choose the correct answer:

(a) Early one morning, Rishi was…………….

i. going on a hike.

ii. waiting for his school-bus at the bus stop.

iii. practicing his magic skills.

(b) We first realize that the stranger had unusual powers when he………..

i. made a chocolate appear in his hand.

ii. did a very complicated maths sum in a moment.

iii. asked Rishi if he was going on a hike.

(c) The stranger got upset because Rishi…………..

i. made fun of him.

ii. did not like his tricks.

iii. thought he was performing tricks.

(d) When the car slipped from Rishi’s hands and fell at his feet, the stranger………………

i. asked Rishi to pick it up.

ii. extended his right hand and picked it up.

iii. said he would give Rishi a new car.

(e) We know that the meeting with the stranger really happened because……………..

i. Rishi was a truthful boy.

ii. no one could make up such a story.

iii. Rishi still had the toy car in his bag.

So, these were One Foggy Morning Questions & Answers.

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