Mother Tell us a Story Questions & Answers

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This popular folk tale from a village, Zululand in Africa describes how a mother named Manza found stories for her children. The journey she went on and what was the reaction of different characters she met on her way and how she was able to find stories for her children. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions & answers of The Secret Garden, The Iron Beam and Jungle Calls so, you can check these posts as well.

Mother Tell us a Story Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Tilled – prepared the land to grow crops
  • Trickster – someone who plays tricks on people
  • Bounded off – ran off with leaping strides
  • Vain – proud of oneself
  • Clamoured – demanded
  • Talons – sharp claws

Question 1: Where did Manza live?

Answer: Manza lived in a village in Zululand in Africa.

Question 2: What did the villagers do for a living?

Answer: The villagers used to hunt meat, till the land, catch fish and crab, weave baskets and make wooden carvings for their living.

Question 3: What did Manza’s children ask her to do?

Answer: Manza’s children asked her to tell them a story.

Question 4: What did the king and queen of the Spirit People want in exchange for the stories?

Answer: The king and the queen of the Spirit People wanted Manza to bring a picture of her home and people in exchange for the stories.

Mother Tell us a Story Questions & Answers

Question 5: Choose the correct answer:

(a) The king and queen were very happy with the _____.

i. picture
ii. story
iii. turtle

(b) The elephant told Manza to meet the _____.

i. owl
ii. turtle
iii. eagle

(c) Manza went to the Land of the _____.

i. Sea People
ii. Spirit People
iii. Sea Turtles

Question 6: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Manza set out on a great adventure, looking for stories.
(b) Manza met the hare, who was a tricky fellow.
(c) The baboon was busy keeping her children fed and warm.
(d) The eagle was fishing near the mouth of river Tugela.
(e) Zenzele carved a beautiful picture.
(f) Manza received a beautiful picture as a gift from the Spirit People.

So, these were Mother Tell us a Story Questions & Answers.

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