Our Sense Organs Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Our Sense Organs Questions & Answers.

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Our Sense Organs Questions & Answers

Question 1: How do we see the world around us?

Answer: We see the world around us with our eyes.

Question 2: How do we know the things by touch?

Answer: Our skin has different nerve cells called receptors that help us to know the things by touch.

Question 3: How do we hear the sounds around us?

Answer: We hear the sounds around us with our ears. The outer ear collects the sound waves and sends them to middle ear. The inner ear has in it a kind of liquid. The auditory nerve in the liquid conveys the message to the brain and then brain tells us what this sound is.

Question 4: How do we know the taste of the things?

Answer: We know the taste of the things with our tongue. We have batches of taste buds on the back, tip and sides of our tongue. Each batch picks up one kind of taste. Nerves running from the buds to the brain tell us the taste of the food we are eating.

Question 5: What is the function of the nerves in human body?

Answer: Nerves play a very important role in human body. They convey the message to the brain.

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