Chloe Confused Questions & Answers

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Chloe Confused Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. Chloe and Charlie were good friends – True
2. Mrs Cheryl took Charlie to the market – False
3. Mrs Chain bought some chips for Chloe – False

Question 2: Who was Charlie?

Answer: Charlie was Chloe’s classmate.

Question 3: Why was Chloe cross with Charlie?

Answer: Chloe was cross with Charlie for teasing her about her name.

Question 4: What sound does the name ‘Chloe’ begin with?

Answer: The name ‘Chloe’ begins with the ‘k’ sound as in cat.

Question 5: Why was Chloe cross with her parents?

Answer: Chloe was cross with her parents for giving her a name that began with ‘ch’ but did not sound like the ‘ch’ in ‘chocolate’.

Question 6: Who were Mrs Chain and Mrs Cheryl?

Answer: Mrs Chain was Chloe’s teacher. Mrs Cheryl was Chloe’s mother.

Question 7: Where did Mrs Cheryl take Chloe and why?

Answer: Mrs Cheryl took Chloe for a reading walk. She wanted Chloe to learn how ‘ch’ is spoken differently in different words.

Question 8: Name all the places Chloe visited with her mother.

Answer: Chloe visited the church, a café, a chemist’s shop and a restaurant.

Question 9: What did Chloe learn about the ch sound in different words?

Answer: Chloe learnt that the letters ‘ch’ can have three different sounds as

i. ch in chocolate
ii. ch in Christmas
iii. ch in chef

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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