Rain In The Hills Questions & Answers

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Rain In The Hills Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is the theme of the poem?

Answer: In this poem, the poet describes the beauty of the hills during the rains. She wants to portray the beauty of nature and how the magic of hills never decreases.

Question 2: What hides the view of the poet?

Answer: Fog hides the view of the poet.

Question 3: Which line in the poem uses personification?

Answer: The line ‘the menacing slopes’ uses personification.

Question 4: Is the tone of the poem happy or sad?

Answer: The tone of the poem is happy. The whole scene is refreshing and the poet feels happy to see the sights and hear the sounds in the mountain as she travels in the bus.

Question 5: Why do you think the ‘twinkling hearths’ give the poet hope?

Answer: The ‘twinkling hearths’ give hope to the poet because the weather is cold and dull and the poet looks forward to the hearths which provide heat and light that would make her warm and cosy.

Question 6: Is the poet going to the hills or away from them? give reasons for your answer.

Answer: The poet is going to the hills because in the last stanza, she says that she longs to go back to the hills again and again.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

‘The rolling thunder announcing the storm’.

(a) What is being referred to here?

Answer: ‘Thunder’ is being referred to here.

(b) What is the thunder announcing?

Answer: The thunder is announcing the coming of storm.

(c) How do the animals react to the sound of thunder?

Answer: Birds go to their nests to protect themselves from the cold outside.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

‘My bus trundles on and on Its path serpentine.’

(a) Why does the bus ‘trundles on and on’?

Answer: The bus trundles on and on because in the blinding rain, it moves slowly and carefully. Hence, it takes a long time to reach its destination.

(b) Why is the path referred to as serpentine?

Answer: The path is referred to as ‘serpentine’ because it follows a winding course along the side of the mountains and looks like a snake.

(c) What does the poet see while the bus trundles?

Answer: While the bus trundles on, the poet sees a valley and small village-homes in the distance with twinkling fire places.

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