Robin Hood Questions & Answers

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Robin Hood Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did everyone like Robin?

Answer: Robin was a strong, brave young boy who was liked by everyone because he was friendly and polite.

Question 2: Describe the fair that Robin went to.

Answer: In the fair that Robin to were tightrope walkers, magicians, men on stilts and food stalls.

Question 3: What happened at the fair?

Answer: At the fair, Robin heard some boys passing some remarks at his girl cousins. Robin had been taught to treat women with respect and so, he got into an argument with the boys which soon turned into a physical fight.

Question 4: Describe the room where Robin was imprisoned.

Answer: The room where Robin was imprisoned was dark and dirty room which was full of rats.

Question 5: How did Robin escape from the prison?

Answer: Robin saw a hole in the ceiling of the room. He climbed up the roof, jumped to the ground and ran to his uncle’s house. That is how, he escaped from the prison.

Question 6: Why did Robin have to hide?

Answer: Sheriff declared Robin a criminal but Robin did not want to cause any trouble for his uncle. So, he decided to hide.

Question 7: Where did Robin hide himself?

Answer: Robin hid himself in Sherwood Forest.

Question 8: Who joined Robin in Sherwood Forest?

Answer: A young man joined Robin in Sherwood Forest.

Question 9: Why did other young men come to Sherwood Forest?

Answer: Other young men came to Sherwood Forest to escape injustice because they were considered outlaws for some petty reason or the other.

Question 10: Why did Robin’s men begin to call him ‘Robin Hood’?

Answer: Robin’s men began to call him ‘Robin Hood’ because he always wore a hood.

Question 11: What did Robin and his men promise?
What did Robin’s band of men plan to do?

Answer: Robin and his men promised to return everything that had been wrongfully taken from the people. They promised to help the poor by taking money from the rich.

Question 12: How did Robin Hood and his band of men become famous?

Answer: Robin Hood and his band of men became famous as champions of those in trouble and in need.

Question 13: Write ‘True’ or ‘False’:

1. Robin’s family had taught him to tease women – False
2. The Sheriff was a fair man – False
3. Robin was adventurous – True
4. The young man hiding in the forest had committed a crime – False
5. Robin was a good leader – True

So, these were Robin Hood Questions & Answers.

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