Street Games of India Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Street Games of India Questions & Answers.

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Street Games of India Questions & Answers

Question 1: What is the game of goli played with?

Answer: The game of goli is played with marbles.

Question 2: How is ankhmicholy played?

Answer: In ankhmicholy, one player covers his eyes with his hands or with a piece of cloth. The others hide in different places and the ‘blind man’ looks for them.

Question 3: What material are latoos made of?

Answer: Latoos can be made of wood or mud.

Question 4: What qualities does one need to play kabbadi?

Answer: To play kabbadi, one must be quick, strong and needs the ability to hold his or her breathe for long and to be a master of battle tactics, since playing the game is almost like real warfare.

Question 5: When does a player become ‘dead’ in a game of kabbadi?

Answer: In a game of kabbadi, a member of one team crosses a line in the sand and goes towards the other team chanting ‘Kabbadi’ under his breath without stopping. If he is able to touch one or two players from the opposing team while saying ‘kabaddi’, the person touches is ‘dead’. However, if the ‘visitor’ is caught or he stops saying ‘kabaddi’, he is ‘dead’. The team takes turn to visit each other until all the members of one team are ‘dead’.

Question 6: Write ‘True’ or ‘Not True’:

1. While playing goli, players must not touch other’s golis with their own – Not True
2. The player who takes away all the others’ golis wins the game – True
3. Older boys use the game of ankhmicholy to trick younger children – True
4. The first top the author bought was made of wood – True
5. The author was very good at playing kabaddi – Not True

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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