The Missing Bat Questions & Answers

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The Missing Bat Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did the Ahmed’s father work?

Answer: Ahmed’s father, Aamir, was a worker at Abdul Rehman Chacha’s cricket bat factory.

Question 2: What did Abdul Rehman Chacha like to do twice a day?

Answer: Abdul Rehman Chacha liked to count the number of bats in his warehouse. He did this every evening before the workers left for home, and every morning, as he loaded the bats onto his truck.

Question 3: Why was missing bat special?

Answer: Missing bat was special because it was biggest and the lightest one of all. Also, this bat made Abdul Rehman Chacha to laugh loudly and none of them had seen him laughing till the time bat has gone missing.

Question 4: Who had taken the missing bat?

Answer: Abdul Rehman Chacha was holding the missing bat in his hand and was using it as a walking stick.

Question 5: How would you describe Abdul Rehman Chacha?

Answer: Abdul Rehman Chacha was an old man with a hunchback. He was always frowning and always on his feet, tapping his walking stick as he went, trying to see what his workers were doing.

Question 6: Choose the correct option:

1. Ahmed liked to hold the bats his father made because

(a) he loved his father very much.
(b) he dreamed of becoming a cricketer.
(c) he wanted to annoy Abdul Rehman Chacha.

2. We know that Abdul Rehman Chacha was a suspicious man because

(a) he always walked around to see what his workers were doing.
(b) he counted his bats twice every day.
(c) both of the above.

3. Abdul Rehman Chacha asked Aamir where Ahmed was because

(a) he was worried about the boy’s health.
(b) he had seen Ahmed around the factory.
(c) he thought that the boy had stolen the bat.

4. Aamir looked straight at Abdul Rehman Chacha because

(a) he had been told to do so.
(b) he wanted to make it clear that Ahmed was not a thief.
(c) he was not afraid of him anymore.

5. Abdul Rehman Chacha laughed loudly when the bat was found. This shows that

(a) he realised the workers could get angry at him and wanted to distract them.
(b) he realised that his reaction to the situation was not correct.
(c) he realised that he could make mistakes too.

So, these were The Missing Bat Questions & Answers.

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