Sheem The Wolf Boy Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Sheem The Wolf Boy Questions & Answers.

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Sheem The Wolf Boy Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct answer(s).

1. The father chose to keep his family away from other people because

(a) he was selfish.
(b) he was poor.
(c) the people of the world were selfish and corrupt.
(d) he was sick
(e) he wanted to preserve their innocence.

2. The elder sister and the elder brother grew restless because

(a) they were ambitious.
(b) they ran out of food.
(c) they wanted to see the world beyond their own house and meet different kinds of people.
(d) they grew tired of the responsibility of looking after their youngest brother.
(e) they found money to travel.

3. In the song, the youngest brother sings about

(a) his happiness at being left alone.
(b) his happiness of living among the wolves.
(c) his despair at being left alone by his own family.
(d) the way the wolves looked after him, a duty which was the responsibility of the brother and the sister.
(e) the love and compassion that he found among the wolves.

Question 2: Complete the following sentences in your own words.

1. The dying father made his children promise to look after the mother and their sick younger brother.
2. The family lived a difficult life because they lived away from other people.
3. The youngest brother was left alone because his elder brother and sister wanted to explore life away from home.
4. When left alone, the little brother survived eating berries and roots and in winter, the leftover meals of the wolves.
5. The little brother felt sad because he felt alone and abandoned.
6. The elder brother in the end tried to catch hold of the younger brother when he felt guilty of neglecting his youngest brother.

Question 3: What are the responsibilities of good family members?

Answer: Good family members look after each other in sickness and in health. They love and support each other.

Question 4: Why did the older sister and brother leave their youngest brother alone?

Answer: The older sister and brother grew bored looking after their sick younger brother. They wanted to explore life away from home and live with other people.

Question 5: How do you think the little brother would have felt when he was abandoned?

Answer: The little brother must have felt very sad and all alone.  He did not have good food to eat and no one to love and take care of him.

Question 6: How did the youngest brother survive in the winters?

Answer: The youngest brother slept in the caves. He ate the food that was left behind by the wolves.

Question 7: Who proved to be a real family to the youngest brother? Why?

Answer: The wolves proved to be the real family to the youngest brother because after a while, they made sure that he was not harmed and he had enough to eat. They accepted him when his own sister and brother had abandoned him.

So, these were Sheem The Wolf Boy Questions & Answers.

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