Cats Big and Small Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Cats Big and Small Questions & Answers.

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Cats Big and Small Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Some members of the cat family are

(a) tigers, lions, dogs, cheetahs.
(b) lions, panthers, leopards, cheetahs.
(c) tigers, lions, foxes, cheetahs.

2. Which of the following cats is not kept as a pet?

(a) Persian cat
(b) Manx cat
(c) Puma

3. Cats generally hunt

(a) in the morning.
(b) in the afternoon.
(c) at night.  

4. Which member of the cat family hunts in groups?

(a) the leopards
(b) the Siamese cats
(c) the lions

5. The Gir WiIdIife Sanctuary is in

(a) Maharashtra.
(b) Gujarat.
(c) Rajasthan.

6. Dictionaries contain

(a) several names of cats.
(b) several idioms and sayings on cats.
(c) several spellings of the word ‘cat’.

7. The idiom ‘let the cat out of the bag’ means

(a) free a cat from bondage.
(b) drive a cat out of the bag in which it has been living.
(c) make a secret public.

Question 2: What are the two general types of cats?

Answer: The two general types of cats are –

  • The wild, for example – lion, tiger
  • The tame, for example – household cats

Question 3: What is special about the cats’ claws?

Answer: The cats’ claws are hooked and sharp, which can be drawn out and retracted back into their paws.

Question 4: Why does a cat hunt alone?

Answer: The cat has to remain quiet and surprise the mouse which is its favourite prey so, it always hunts alone.

Question 5: What happens to a cat when it falls?

Answer: When a cat falls, it always fall on its feet and doesn’t get injured easily.

Question 6: Write something about the appearance of tigers.

Answer: The tiger looks magnificent, and dangerous with its brownish-yellow coats marked with broad black stripes.

Question 7: Which is the fastest cat?

Answer: Cheetah, a type of leopard is the fastest cat.

Question 8: What makes the lion different from other cats?

Answer: Unlike other cats, the lion likes to roar loudly and hunt in company with other lions.

Question 9: Who is Sher Khan?

Answer: Sher Khan is the lame tiger, Mowgli’s enemy in The Jungle Book.

Question 10: Name a famous cat cartoon character.

Answer: Tom

Question 11: Write three idioms that refer to cats with the help of a dictionary.


  • A copy cat
  • Curiosity killed the cat
  • Enough to make a cat laugh

So, these were Cats Big and Small Questions & Answers.

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