Summer and Winter Questions & Answers

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The poem is written by Percy Shelley. In this poem, the poet has made a comparison between summer and winter. Summer represents hustle and bustle while winter symbolizes lifelessness.

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Summer and Winter Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Stainless – perfectly clean
  • Congregate – to gather
  • Eternity – timelessness
  • Horizon – the line where the sky seems to meet the earth
  • Rejoice – to be full of joy
  • Slime – soft mud
  • Clod – clay

Question 1: What do the opening lines of the poem describe?

Answer: The opening lines of the poem describes an afternoon in the sunny weather of June. The poet says that it was a beautiful sunny afternoon when everything seemed to be full of joy. These lines describe the environment of liveliness and happiness.

Question 2: How is winter described in the poem?

Answer: Winter is described as a terrible weather in the poem. It is a lifeless season for birds as they cannot move freely and they die as well. Fishes become firm in the frozen water. People gather around big fire and they yet feel cold. The beggars become homeless and so, this winter season is considered as a lifeless and ruthless season as it takes life away from the objects of nature.

Question 3: What is the effect of the shining sun on the objects of nature?

Answer: All the objects liked the weeds, the river, the cornfields and reeds seem to be full of joy under the sun. They dance and develop the mesmerizing beauty.

Question 4: Explain the following lines:

Summer and Winter Questions & Answers

Answer: In these lines, the poet describes a bright and cheerful afternoon. He says that everything on the earth seemed to be full of joy under the sun. The reeds, the willow leaves and the foliage of the larger trees appear beautiful and full of life in sun. The leaves seem to move freely in the moderate breeze. It seems that summer has brought life on the earth to the things that were in a lifeless condition in winters.

Question 5: How does the poem end?

Answer: The poem ends on a sad note. The poet says that during winters, people living in their comfortable homes gather around big fires and yet they feel cold. He feels sorry thinking about the plight of the homeless beggar, who cannot find any comforting place to escape the bitter cold.

Question 6: Write down some visual images from the poem.

Answer: Some visual images from the poem are:
Stainless sky; floating mountains, wrinkled clod, hard as brick.

Question 7: Pick out the rhyming words from the poem.

Answer: Crowds-clouds, weeds-reeds, breeze-trees, die-lie, makes-lakes, when-men and cold-old.

Question 8: Write down five adjectives from the poem.

Answer: Five adjectives from the poem are:

  • The Silver Clouds
  • The Stainless Sky
  • The Larger Trees
  • The Translucent Ice
  • The Homeless Beggar

So, these were Summer and Winter Questions & Answers.

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