The Adventure of Little Al Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Adventures of Little Al Questions & Answers.

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The Adventures of Little Al Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct answer:

1. Little Al was not allowed to go to school for some years because of

(a) his large head.
(b) his addled brain.
(c) poor health.

2. Where did Edison’s father find him after he went missing one day?

(a) in a train compartment
(b) in the barn
(c) in the cellar laboratory

3. Where was Edison living when he became a newsboy?

(a) Port Huron
(b) Detroit
(c) New York

4. The phonograph was

(a) a typed telephone.
(b) a camera.
(c) a sound recorder.

Question 2: Sequence the events in Edison’s life.


…6…Edison sets up a factory of inventions.
…2…Edison tries to hatch eggs by sitting on them.
…1…Edison’s mother withdraws him from school.
…3…He sets up a laboratory in the cellar of his home.
…4…Edison is thrown out of the train.
…5…Edison learns telegraphy.

Question 3: Why did Edison’s mother withdraw him from school?

Answer: Edison’s mother withdrew him from school after a teacher described him as ‘addled’.

Question 4: What was Edison trying to do sitting in the barn?

Answer: In the barn, Edison was trying to hatch eggs by sitting on them.

Question 5: Why did Edison label the bottles of chemicals ‘Poison’?

Answer: Edison labelled the bottles ‘poison’ so that no one else would handle or disturb them.

Question 6: What was Edison’s reason for choosing to become a newsboy?

Answer: By becoming a newsboy, Edison could earn all the money he needed for his experiments. He could also read newspapers and magazines for free.

Question 7: How did Thomas Edison become deaf?

Answer: After Edison’s chemicals caused a fire in the train compartment, the furious conductor of the train boxed him hard on the ear. This made him deaf.

Question 8: When did Edison say, ‘We will begin rebuilding tomorrow? What does this tell us about his nature?

Answer: Edison said this after a great fire destroyed many of his factory buildings. This shows his determination to never be defeated by challenges.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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