Birbal Visits Persia Questions & Answers

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Birbal Visits Persia Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did the Shah of Persia request?

Answer: The Shah of Persia requested Akbar to send Birbal, the wise and witty minister in Akbar’s court to him.

Question 2: What had the Shah heard about Birbal and what did he plan?

Answer: The Shah of Persia had heard a lot about the wisdom of Birbal, and he planned to test him.

Question 3: Why was Birbal not confused?

Answer: Birbal was not confused because he realised that he was being tested.

Question 4: How did he know who the real Shah was?

Answer: Birbal came to know who the real Shah was by observing the five Shahs carefully. He observed that the other four men appeared nervous. They kept looking at the Shah and tried to imitate his moves. The Shah, on the other hand, looked relaxed.

Question 5: How did Birbal win everyone’s heart?

Answer: Birbal won everyone’s heart with his wisdom.

Question 6: Find out the words in the story that have the same meaning as the following.


1. nations – countries
2. representative of one country to another – ambassador
3. to be accompanied by a person for protection – escort
4. grand – splendid
5. the chair where a king sits – throne

Question 7: Choose the correct answer:

1. Birbal went as an ambassador to

(a) Persia.
(b) Iraq.
(c) Abu Dhabi.

2. Birbal was

(a) wise
(b) crazy
(c) foolish.

3. Birbal saw

(a) five Shahs wearing similar clothes.
(b) four Shahs without crowns.
(c) five Shahs laughing and greeting him.

4. Birbal bowed before

(a) all of them.
(b) one of them.

5. The real Shah was

(a) nervous.
(b) relaxed.
(c) imitating others.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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