The Boarder Questions & Answers

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The Boarder Questions & Answers

Question 1: Find two similes in the passage and explain what they are describing.

Answer: Two similes in the passage are:

I saw that he was close-cropped like a peasant – Hair cut very short like a peasant’s.

A black smock tightly belted in like a schoolboy’s – A shirt worn from almost the chest like a schoolboy.

Question 2: Find evidence in the text that tells us that Francois is now an adult looking back at his childhood and adolescence.

Answer: The evidence in the text that tells us that Francois is now an adult looking back at his childhood and adolescence is:

… such is the simple description of this residence where the most disturbing and most dear days in my life passed.

Question 3: Look at the descriptions of Francois’s mother. In your own words, write a brief character sketch. You may use quotes to support your points.

Answer: Francoise’s mother’s name was Millie. She was the most meticulous woman. She was a loving mother and adjusted with circumstances. She used to cook meals and then sit in her room in the evenings mending plain clothes. Millie, was very proud of her son. She would fetch him home, not sparing the smacks, she came upon him hobbling about with a gang of street urchins.

Question 4: How old was Francois

(a) When he moved into the house.

Answer: Francois was fifteen years old when he moved into the house.

(b) When the boarder arrived.

Answer: He was thirty.

Question 5: Who is ‘The Boarder’? What do you notice about him when he is introduced by the author and when he arrives?

Answer: The boarder was Augustin Meaulnes. He was a tall youth, about seventeen. It was too dark to make out much more than his peasant’s hat of felt pushed back on his head and a black smock tightly belted in like a schoolboy’s.

Question 6: Find evidence in the passage to show that Francois might have been a bit bored before the arrival of the boarder.

Answer: Before he came, when classes were over at four o’clock, an evening of solitude would stretch out before Francoise.

Question 7: What happened to the boarder’s brother?

Answer: The boarder’s brother died one evening having bathed in the polluted pond on his way home from school.

Question 8: What comparison is used to describe the boarder’s mother?

Answer: The boarder’s mother is described as a mother hen fretting about a lost chick.

Question 9: What evidence in the passage creates an air of foreboding about the boarder’s arrival?

Answer: In Saint- Agathe not a single student was allowed matches and Augustin Meaulnes produced a box of matches. He was supposed to held a flame to the wicks.

Question 10: In what ways does the boarder change Francois’s life? What other change in Francois makes him able to join in with the boarder?

Answer: The advent of Augustin Meaulnes, coinciding as it did with his recovery from his ailment, marked the beginning of a new life.

Francois was adult now. The boarder wants to make him the coordinator of Saint Agathe and join him.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:

1. Now she spoke of her son in admiring terms which greatly impressed us?

(a) Who is being described here and who is ‘she’ talking about?

Answer: The boarder is being described. She is talking about her son Augustin.

(b) What was it that ‘greatly impressed’ them?

Answer: That she talked admiringly of her son.

(c) Where should her son be and where is he?

Answer: He should have been in the house. He had gone in the yard.

(d) How is her son different from Francoise?

Answer: Francoise is timid and meek whereas he is bold and daring.

2. That was the way was we often passed out Sundays in winter?

(a) What do Francoise, his mother and his father do on Sundays inn winter?

Answer: On Sundays early in the morning, the father would be away to some distant fog-covered pond to fish for pike from a boat; and mother would withdraw until evening into her gloomy bedroom to mend her plain clothes. She did it this way in case one of her friends visited.  

(b) Where else in the text do we get the impression that Francoise is not as close to his mother as he is to his father?

Answer: He would wait, reading in the cold dining room, for her to open the door to show me how the clothes looked.

(c) Apart from arrival of The Boarder, what does Francoise remember about ‘that particular Sunday’?

Answer: This Sunday while children had gathered to witness a christening in the porch, on the town square, several men, dressed in their firemen’s uniforms, had formed up in columns and were stamping their feet in the cold as they listened to Boujardon, the fire chief.

So, these were The Boarder Questions & Answers.

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