Great Expectations Questions & Answers

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Great Expectations Questions & Answers

Question 1: What were Pip’s first impressions of his parents and where had he derived these from?

Answer: Pip thinks his father was a square, stout, dark man, with curly, black hair, and that his mother is freckled and sickly. He has derived his ideas about his parents from their tombstones.

Question 2: What kind of countryside surrounds the graveyard? Pick out all the descriptive words and phrases used to describe the countryside.

Answer: It is marshy, bleak, overgrown with nettles, dark flat wilderness, intersected with dykes and mounds and gates, and scattered cattle feeding on it; the river is like a low leaden line, and the sea like a savage lair.

Question 3: What overall impression does the reader get from the author’s description of the countryside? How does this contribute to the general atmosphere created?

Answer: It is depressing and scary.

Question 4: Who does Pip meet in the graveyard and what is he doing there?

Answer: Pip meets a convict in the graveyard, who has escaped and is hiding there.

Question 5: Why is the convict interested to hear that Pip’s brother-in-law is a blacksmith?

Answer: The convict is interested to hear that Pip’s brother-in-law is a blacksmith because the blacksmith can cut open the iron chain that he is wearing on his leg.

Question 6: What does the convict tell Pip about his companion and why does he do this?

Answer: The convict tells Pip about his companion that his companion has a secret way to reach a boy like Pip and get his heart and liver. He does this to scare him so that he would do what he had asked him to do.

Question 7: Which words and phrases in the text tell us that the convict is a wretched man?

Answer: ‘A fearful man in coarse grey…seized me by the chin.’

Question 8: Do you think Pip feels frightened of the convict or sympathy for him? Give evidence for your answer.

Answer: He feels both.

Frightened – ‘…trembling, helplessly, dreadfully frightened, made the best use of my legs…’

Sympathy – ‘He looked in my young eyes … and pull him in.’ ‘It gave me a terrible turn…’

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

1. He started, made a short run and stopped and looked over his shoulder. ‘There, sir!’ I timidly explained. ‘Also Georgiana. That’s my mother.’

(a) Why did ‘he’ act as he did?

Answer: The convict thought the boy’s mother was around.

(b) What does the boy point out timidly to ‘him’?

Answer: The boy points out his mother’s grave timidly to ‘him’.

(c) Why does the boy say ‘Also Georgina’ and not just ‘Georgiana’?

Answer: It is written like that on her grave; he thought that was her name, as he had never seen his mother.

2. ‘Say Lord strike you dead if you don’t!’ said the man
I said so, and he took me down.

(a) To whom is the man talking and why does he say this?

Answer: The man is talking to Pip, to scare him into doing what he had promised.

(b) Why does the responder take the oath?

Answer: Pip has been seated on a tombstone by the convict, and he wants to get off from there, so he says this.

(c) What does ‘take me down’ refer to?

Answer: He means that he be removed from the tombstone.

So, these were Great Expectations Questions & Answers.

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