Powder and Arms Questions & Answers

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Powder and Arms Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why has Mr Trelawney hired the captain, the ship and the crew?

Answer: Mr Trelawney has hired the captain, the ship, and the crew for a treasure hunt.

Question 2: Why is the captain displeased?

Answer: The captain is displeased as he does not like treasure voyages.

Question 3: What suggestion does the captain make to Mr Trelawney?

Answer: The captain suggests Mr Trelawney to put powder and the arms in the forehold and to give berths to the four men coming along with him beside the cabin.

Question 4: What would the captain and Mr Trelawney have done if Dr Livesey had not been there to mediate?

Answer: Had Mr Livesey not been there to mediate the captain and Mr Trelawney would have not undertaken the journey.

Question 5: Read what the captain says to the narrator, Jim Hawkins. What does the captain think about the narrator?

Answer: He thinks the narrator to be a loose talker.

Question 6: Make a list of the characters in this chapter. Make notes about what we learn about each one.


Squire Trelawney: Determined
Captain Smollett: Dislikes treasure voyages
Dr Livesey: Practical and organised
Jim Hawkins: Loose Talker
Mr Arrow: A brown old sailor with a squint who is too free with crewmen
Long John–the cook: Obedient

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

1. Neither did I, to be sure, he was so loose a talker; yet in this case I believe he was really right.

(a) Who thinks this?

Answer: Dr Livesey thinks this.

(b) Who is ‘so loose a talker’?

Answer: Jim Hawkins is ‘so loose a talker’.

(c) What has been talked about that should not have been talked about?

Answer: It has been talked about that they have a map of an island, that there’s crosses on the map to show where treasure is.

(d) What does the captain fear will happen?

Answer: The captain fear that there would be a mutiny.

2. ‘……did ever you hear the fable of the mountain and the mouse?’

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: Dr Livesey to Captain Smollett.

(b) What do the lines that follow this question tell you about what the fable’s moral might be?

Answer: The fable’s moral might be to exaggerate a small thing.

(c) What had the captain intended to do when he first came up to complain to Mr Trelawney?

Answer: The captain had intended to resign from the voyage when he first came up to complain to Mr Trelawney.  

3. Even he, perhaps, has been doubtful as to the crew, but that is only guess, for as you shall hear, we had not long the benefit of his opinion.

(a) Who is this about?

Answer: This is about the arrangement of the berths and the hammock.

(b) What is implied by ‘we had not long the benefit of his opinion?’

Answer: For a long time, they could not know whether he liked the arrangement.

(c) Which of these sentences best paraphrases the quote above?

i. He might have had doubts about the honesty of the crew but he was gone before I could ask him.
ii. He probably had doubts about the crew but I never got to ask him.
iii. I didn’t get to find out his opinion of the crew before he left.

So, these were Powder and Arms Questions & Answers.

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