To the Evening Star Questions & Answers

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To the Evening Star Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Angel of the evening – this refers to the planet Venus
  • Whilst – while
  • Radiant – expressing joy, energy or good health in a pleasing way
  • Dusk – the period of day after sunset but before the sky has become dark
  • Full soon – very soon
  • Dust – do
  • Wide – extending over a great distance or area
  • Dun – a brownish-grey colour

Question 1: To what or whom is the poem addressed?

Answer: The poem is addressed to Venus, the evening star.

Question 2: Which things are attributed to the evening star in the first four lines of the poem?

Answer: It is fair-haired, has a radiant crown, and a bright torch of love.

Question 3: Which human qualities are attributed to the evening star?

Answer: It can smile, speak, and see.

Question 4: What does the poet beseech the evening star to do? Make a list.


a. light its torch of love
b. put on its crown
c. smile on us
d. scatter its silver dew on flowers while drawing its blue curtains
e. let its west wind sleep on the lake
f. speak with its eyes
g. wash the dusk with silver
h. protect the flocks

Question 5: Find at least three uses of metaphors in the poem and explain them.


  • Fair-haired angel – Venus, as it shines brightly in the evening.
  • Draw the blue curtains – when it starts to get dark
  • The lion glares – the eyes of the lion shine brightly

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

1. ….light
Thy bright torch of love; thy radiant crown
Put on, ….

(a) Whose ‘torch of love’ is it? Why is this significant?

Answer: The ‘torch of love’ is of Planet Venus. This is significant because darkness is associated with evil and hatred. It is not yet dark and the poet asks the evening to light its torch of love to last through the night.

(b) Whose crown is it?

Answer: It is the crown of the angel, the evening star.

(c) When is the torch to be lighted and the crown put on?

Answer: The torch to be lighted and the crown is to be put on in the evening.

2. …. then the wolf rages wide,
And then the lion glares through the dun forest:

(a) The lines tell us that ‘then’ these animals act. When does this happen?

Answer: This happens at night.

(b) What atmosphere is created by the introduction of these animals?

Answer: The atmosphere of evil and fear is created by the introduction of these animals.

(c) Will these animals be able to cause any harm to the flocks? Why not?

Answer: No, these animals will not be able to cause any harm to the flocks because the poet has asked the evening star to protect the flocks.

Question 7: Is there a rhyming scheme in the poem? If not, does it lose anything by this?

Answer: No, there is no rhyming scheme in the poem. But the poem has a uniform line-length, which makes it sound like a poem.

Question 8: How many feet are there in each line? Is this consistent throughout the poem?

Answer: Most of the lines have five feet though three lines have six feet each.

For example, Thy sac/red dew:/protect/them with/thine/in/fluence!

So, these were To the Evening Star Questions & Answers.

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