The Building of The Brooklyn Bridge Questions & Answers

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The Building of The Brooklyn Bridge Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The Brooklyn Bridge connects

(a) Manhattan to Brooklyn.
(b) New York to Brooklyn.
(c) Manhattan to Broadway.

2. The Brooklyn Bridge was designed by

(a) John Reese.
(b) John Roebling.
(c) John Washington.

3. The Brooklyn Bridge was opened on

(a) 24 May 1893.
(b) 24 May 1983.
(c) 24 May 1883.

Question 2: Write True or False:

1. John Roebling was injured in an accident as he was doing a survey for the Brooklyn Bridge – True
2. Washington expressed himself by tapping out messages to her with his fingers – True
3. Emily was removed as Chief Engineer – False
4. President Calvin Coolidge opened the Bridge for the public – False
5. The first passenger to cross the Brooklyn Bridge was Emily – True

Question 3: What was John Roebling’s dream project?

Answer: John Roebling’s dream project was the making of The Brooklyn Bridge. It is one of the most remarkable bridges in the world with its majestic stone towers and graceful steel cables.

Question 4: What type of design did John Roebling draw for the Brooklyn Bridge?

Answer: Joe Roebling drew up an amazing design for the bridge. The bridge had two towers 300 feet tall that hold the bridge’s cables. The greatest innovation by John Roebling was the use of steel in the construction of the bridge that makes it much stronger.

Question 5: What were caissons?

Answer: To dig the foundations of towers in the riverbed, caissons were used. Caissons were big, airtight, wooden chambers, filled with compressed air.

Question 6: How did Emily help in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge?

Answer: As Washington who went into the caisson to supervise work, fell ill, he was unable to work. Then, Emily, Washington Roebling’s wife took charge of the bridge’s construction. As Washington was laid in bed, unable to walk or talk, Emily developed a code of communication with him. Washington expressed himself by tapping out messages to her with his fingers. She communicated his ideas to the team of workers and also taught herself engineering on the job.

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