The Muddlehead Questions & Answers

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The Muddlehead Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Muddleheaded – confused
  • Mittens – gloves that cover the four fingers together and the thumb separately
  • Sprightly – full of life and energy
  • Nite – night

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Where did the muddlehead wear mittens?

(a) on his hands.
(b) on his toes.
(c) on his head.

2. Where did the muddlehead live?

(a) Pretoria.
(b) Petushkee.
(c) Princetown.

3. He put butter on his

(a) hand.
(b) arm.
(c) head.

4. He put saucepan on his.

(a) head.
(b) hand.
(c) foot.

5. Who got frightened?

(a) the muddlehead.
(b) the conductor.
(c) the ticket checker.

6. According to poem, the word ‘muddle’ means

(a) mud
(b) confused
(c) good

7. The man tied his tie on

(a) waist
(b) hand
(c) neck

8. How did that man wear his coat

(a) upside down
(b) inside out
(c) none of the above

9. Where did that man put the walking stick

(a) chair
(b) bed
(c) outside

10. Where did he go for a railway ticket

(a) booking office
(b) waiting hall
(c) café

Question 2: Why does the poet call the man a Muddlehead?

Answer: The man always remained confused and did odd things. For example, he would wear his mittens on his toes and his tie on his waist. That is why the poet calls him a muddlehead.

Question 3: What did the muddlehead want the tram conductor to do and why?

Answer: The muddlehead wanted the tram conductor to stop his tram as soon as they reached the station because, he said, he was ‘off for a week’s vacation’.

Question 4: Give one example each of the Muddlehead’s confusion in word and deed.

Answer: The Muddlehead went to the café and asked for a railway ticket. This shows his confusion in word and deed.

Question 5: The Muddlehead was a well-behaved gentleman. Quote an example from the poem.


  • He addresses the conductor very politely – Kister Monductor
  • He uses a polite word to catch the conductor’s attention – ‘Parding your beggon’.

Question 6: How does the Muddlehead dress?

Answer: The Muddlehead dresses up strangely. He puts his mittens on his toes. Instead of hat, he wears a saucepan. He wears his tie around his waist. He wears his coat inside out.

Question 7: What did people tell the muddlehead about his clothes, as he went about?

Answer: As the muddlehead went about, people told him that he had got his coat inside out and had put a saucepan on his head.

Question 8: Point out why the following lines in the poem sound funny.

“A railway ticket please, one way”
“A slice of tea and a cup of bread”

Answer: These lines are funny because we usually get railway ticket in railway station not in a café. And we get slice of bread and cup of tea or coffee in café.

Question 9: List the things that make the poem look funny to you.

Answer: The following things make the poem funny to us.

  • The muddle head wore mitten on his toes and tie around waist and put saucepan on his head.
  • Parding your beggon, Kister Monductor.
  • A slice of tea and a cup of bread.

Question 10: Which lines does the speaker repeat in the poem? Why are they repeated?

Answer: The following lines are repeated in the poem:

What a muddle-head was he,
That man who lived in Petushkee!

They are repeated to underline how disorganised and forgetful the man from Petushkee was.

Question 11: Can you think of a reason why this man is so muddle-headed?

Answer: I think this man is so muddle-headed because he is always thinking of something else and not paying attention.

Question 12: Write the following muddled speech correctly:

‘Parding your beggon,
Kister Monductor,
I’m off for a week’s vacation;
I stop you to beg your cramway tar
As soon as we reach the station.’


‘Begging your pardon,
Mister Conductor,
I’m off for a week’s vacation;
I beg you to stop your tramway car
As soon as we reach the station.’

So, these were The Muddlehead Questions & Answers.

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