The Happy Man’s Shirt Questions & Answers

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The Happy Man’s Shirt Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the right options to complete these sentences.

1. A meeting was held in the court to discuss

(a) how to make the king fall ill.
(b) how to make the king feel well.
(c) who caused the king’s illness.
(d) how to cure the people of the kingdom.

2. The old man told the king to

(a) put on the shirt of a happy man.
(b) give a man his shirt.
(c) give away all his shirts.
(d) buy shirts for all the men in the kingdom.

Question 2: What was wrong with the King?

Answer: The king complained that he was unhappy and unwell. He did not like his food, no medicines had any effect on him.

Question 3: Why didn’t the messengers find a happy man in places where they expected to find one? What kinds of troubles did the different men have?

Answer: The messengers did not find a happy man among the rich or the poor, the childless or those with children. The rich were worried about losing their wealth, the poor about their work. Everyone had anxieties. No one was happy.

Question 4: Why were the messengers asked to look for a happy man in a place one would not expect to find one?

Answer: The messengers were sent to unexpected places to look for a happy man because they had not found a happy man anywhere in the kingdom.

Question 5: “Anybody can be happy if they stop fussing about it.” Do you think this is true? How his statement apply to the King?

Answer: The statement could be true. If we make a lot of fuss about anything, it loses its charm. The king felt he was unhappy and did not enjoy all the fine things that were easily available to him. There was nothing wrong with his health, but he kept imagining that he had fluttering in his heart, or rumbling in his stomach. The old man understood his problem.

Question 6: Do you think it is possible to be happy like the man in the play?

Answer: Yes, I think it is possible to be happy like the man in the play, who was happy but did not even have a shirt. We see many people who work hard, live an honest life, and are happy for the love of their families. They may not have big cars, palace like homes, but they are satisfied with what they have.

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