The Chetak Festival Questions & Answers

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The Chetak Festival Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Associated – connected with something else
  • Traders – the person who buys and sells goods, currency or shares
  • Agility – ability to move quickly and easily
  • High maintenance – needing a lot of work to keep in good condition
  • Spectacular – amazing
  • Handicrafts – decorative objects made by hand
  • Star gazing – observing the stars
  • Archery – a sport which involves shooting with a bow and arrows
  • Marvellous – wonderful
  • Gallop – run at a fast pace
  • Accompany – go somewhere as a companion with someone

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Srangkheda is on the bank of the River Tapi.
(b) The Chetak Festival is held between December and January.
(c) The fair is about 300 years old.
(d) The beginning of the Sarangkheda Chetak Festival coincides with Datta Jayanti celebrations.
(e) The Chetak Festival is named after Maharana Pratap’s favourite horse.

Question 2: Where is Sarangkheda? How did it get its name?

Answer: About 400 kilometres from Mumbai in Maharashtra, near Nandurbar; is Sarangkheda, situated on the banks of River Tapi. The place has been named ‘Sarangkheda’ because it has been associated with horse trading for ages.

Question 3: Where was Grandpa going? Why?

Answer: Grandpa was going to Sarangkheda near Nandurbar in Maharashtra. He was going there to see the Chetak Festival – the annual horse festival in Sarangkheda. 

Question 4: What did Grandpa say about the temple?

Answer: Grandpa said that the beginning of the Sarangkheda Chetak festival coincides with the Datta Jayanti celebrations at the Datta temple in the village.

Question 5: What is the Chetak festival?

Answer: The Chetak festival is the oldest horse fairs in India. It is held in Sarangkheda between December and January every year. It got its name from Maharana Pratap’s favourite horse.

Question 6: Where did the horse come from earlier? Where do they come from nowadays?

Answer: Earlier, the horses came from Afghanistan, the Middle-East and Pakistan. Nowadays, they come from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. 

Question 7: What kind of horses can be seen at the Chetak Festival?

Answer: The horses that are brought to the Chetak festival are high- maintenance. These horses have the best beauty, health, fitness and agility. Some of these horses are priced at crores of rupees.

Question 8: What is the meaning of high maintenance? Why are the horses participating in the race known as high maintenance horses?

Answer: High maintenance means something that needs a lot of attention or effort. The horses participating in the race are known as high maintenance horses because some of them consume liters of milk, desi ghee, eggs and cashew nuts every day.

Question 9: Do you think horses enjoy participating in Chetak festival?

Answer: While watching a race can be entertaining for the audience, a horse has to go through several hardships right from training to participating in such races. Since these races have monetary rewards, very often horses are treated cruelly by their jockeys in order to push them to run faster.

Question 10: What did grandpa tell the narrator about the festival with respect to the location, area covered and the name of the festival?

Answer: The Chetak festival takes place in a place called ‘Sangarkheda’ on the banks of River Tapi, near Nandurbar in Maharashtra. The place has been named ‘Sangarkheda because it has been associated with horse trading. The fair spreads over an area of 20 acres.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:

What started off as a horse-trading ground took on the shape of a fair over the years and attracts many visitors, but you will find a lot more than what you see at a regular fair.

(a) What attracts many visitors?

Answer: The annual Sarangkheda Chetak festival attracts many visitors. 

(b) Where does horse trading take place?

Answer: About four hundred kilometres from Mumbai in Maharashtra in a place called Sarangkheda on the banks of River Tapi horse trading takes place.

(c) What are the other attractions at this fair?

Answer: The other attractions are the giant wheels and fun rides, comedy shows, poetry competitions, folk dances, local sports, agricultural exhibitions, handicrafts and artwork and food stalls. Recently, even activities like water sports, star gazing and archery have been included. 

(d) Give the synonym of ‘regular’.

Answer: normal/common/traditional.

So, these were The Chetak Festival Questions & Answers.

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