The Day The Viceroy Came Questions & Answers

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The Day The Viceroy Came Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Gopal feel proud and important?

Answer: Gopal felt proud and important because his mother had dressed him in a brown coat with brass buttons which he wore only on great occasions. He thought that he looked just like his father.

Question 2: What was the special occasion?

Answer: The special occasion was that the Viceroy of India was to pass through Gopal’s town. He was to alight at the railway station and get into a richly-decorated, open horse-drawn coach. Then he would escape to the hills for the summer in a special car.

Question 3: What were the schools instructed to do?

Answer: Circulars had gone to all schools months in advance, instructing the authorities that all children should be well-dressed and lined up on either side of His Excellency’s route, to cheer and welcome him. Special training had been given to the children to participate in the great event.

Question 4: What was the scene at the railway station?

Answer: At the railway station, the children were lined up according to their size, the better-dressed ones in the front row. Gopal was excited. The drill master marched up and down proudly, as if he was supervising an army parade. Even the headmaster consulted him about the arrangements. Every few minutes he looked at his watch and announced the exact position of the approaching Viceroy.

Question 5: What happened when the Viceroy was late?

Answer: When the Viceroy was late by an hour, the children began to get restless. The drill master scolded the noisy ones and went to find out the cause for the delay. As time passed, it began to get hot. The whole group started to droop. One by one, the teachers sought the cool shade of trees. The children squatted on the ground in groups and wilted in the heat.

Question 6: Why did Gopal feel ‘a mixture of victory and sympathy’?

Answer: Gopal felt a mixture of victory and sympathy when the ant that had been trying to crawl up his leg emerged from the sand he had thrown on it. He felt victorious as the ant was puzzled by Gopal’s new tricks to prevent it from crawling up his leg and he felt sympathetic at the plight of the tiny ant.

Question 7: Describe the game that Gopal played with the ant.

Answer: Gopal gently picked up the ant on a twig. It clung to it and remained still as if admitting defeat. Then it began to move carefully along the twig. It came very close to his fingers and would have climbed onto him if he had not let go his fingers at that moment and held the stick by the other end. The ant suddenly faced an abyss. Then it turned round and started walking back towards Gopal’s fingers. But Gopal repeated the trick, shifting his fingers in time to the other end of the stick. He liked this game and it went on for a long time.

Question 8: Why did he shiver with fright?

Answer: Gopal shivered with fright at the thought that the ant could have climbed over his fingers and got lost in his sleeves. He looked for it all over his coat and on the ground. It had completely vanished!

Question 9: List the words connected to war that are used in the text to describe the game between Gopal and the ant.

Answer: The words connected to war that are used in the text to describe the game between Gopal and the ant are – waited for its next move, The ant immediately moved towards him like an enemy tank in a battlefield., attacking ant, victory, admitting defeat.

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