The Leopard Questions & Answers

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The Leopard Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did the ravine become a natural sanctuary? Which animals and birds had the narrator seen there?

Answer: The ravine was so deep that it remained in shadow for most of the day. This encouraged many birds and animals to go there during the daytime. As a result, the ravine had become one of the few natural sanctuaries left near Mussoorie.

The narrator had seen barking deer, kalij pheasants, pine martens, a red fox, a spotted forktail and langurs there. He had also seen the leopard.

Question 2: What convinced the narrator that the animals recognised his footsteps?

Answer: The narrator was sure that some of the animals had recognised his footsteps becausea spotted forktail, which at first used to fly away, now remained perched on a boulder in the middle of the stream while he got across by means of other boulders only a few yards away.

The langurs in the oak trees, who would at first go leaping through the branches at his approach, now watched him with some curiosity as they munched on the tender green shoots of the oak.

Question 3: What odd behaviour did the narrator notice one evening? What was the cause?

Answer: One evening, as the narrator passed through the forest, he heard the langurs chattering in the trees and he knew he was not the cause of their excitement. As he crossed the stream and began climbing the hill, the grunting and chattering increased as though the langurs were trying to warn him of some hidden danger. The cause of this chattering was an orange-gold leopard.

Question 4: Describe the narrator’s first encounter with the leopard.

Answer: As the narrator crossed the stream and began climbing the hill, a shower of pebbles came rattling down the steep hillside and he looked up to see a sinewy orange-gold leopard on a rock, about twenty feet above him. The leopard slowly turned his head and looked down at the narrator. He seemed a little puzzled at the narrator’s presence there; and when, to give himself courage, the narrator clapped his hands sharply. The leopard sprang away into the thickets, making absolutely no sound as he melted into the shadows.

Question 5: Why were the hunters looking for the leopard? Why did the information disturb the narrator?

Answer: The hunters were looking for the leopard so that they could kill it and sell its skin in Delhi.

The information disturbed the narrator as he knew that these hunters would not rest until they had hunted the leopard down.

Question 6: What change came over the forest after the hunters appeared?

Answer: After the hunters appeared, there were fewer birds to be seen in the forest, and even the langurs had moved on. The red fox did not show itself and the pine martens dashed into hiding at the narrator’s approach. The animals had become cautious and mistrusted all humans.

Question 7: What did the narrator notice on Pari Tibba? What did he realise?

Answer: The narrator noticed the silence that surrounded him on Pari Tibba, the absence of birds and animals and the sense of complete desolation. There was something else that he noticed – the strong feline odour of one of the cat family. He realised that he must have found the lair of the leopard.

Question 8: Choose the correct answer.

1. The langurs were chattering loudly because

(a) they were disturbed by the narrator.
(b) they were curious about something.
(c) they wanted to warn the narrator.

2. The leopard had abandoned the remains of the deer because

(a) he had eaten as much as he wanted.
(b) he had been disturbed while eating.
(c) he had been attacked by the hunters.

3. The animals started hiding from the narrator because

(a) he was carrying a gun.
(b) he wanted to harm the animals.
(c) they were afraid of the hunters.

4. On Pari TIbba, the narrator

(a) caught a glimpse of the leopard.
(b) sensed the presence of the leopard.
(c) saw the leopard’s pug marks everywhere.

So, these were The Leopard Questions & Answers.

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