The Distinguished Stranger Questions & Answers

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The Distinguished Stranger Questions & Answers

Question 1: Whom did the visitor first meet after landing on the Earth?

Answer: The visitor first met philosopher after landing on the Earth.

Question 2: What theory did the philosopher promise to explain to the visitor?

Answer: The philosopher promised to explain theory of winds to the visitor.

Question 3: What were the cows doing when the stranger reached the meadow?

Answer: The cows were grazing grass when the stranger reached the meadow.

Question 4: Who were called ‘dirty people’ by the visitor?

Answer: Cows were called ‘dirty people’ by the visitor.

Question 5: Fill in the blanks:

1. The stranger was accompanied by the philosopher when he went around.
2. The stranger had never seen trees before and thought they were singing.
3. The stranger thought that the cows were dirty people.
4. The philosopher explained that the cows had no time to think or speak.
5. The philosopher said that the people of the city belonged to the greatest nation in the world.

Question 6: Choose the correct option:

1. The stranger came to the Earth from

(a) the moon.
(b) a neighbouring planet.
(c) a faraway planet.
(d) the sun.

2. The philosopher told the stranger that the trees were

(a) fruits.
(b) flowers.
(c) vegetables.
(d) not people at all.

Question 7: What did the stranger say in praise of the manners of the trees?

Answer: The stranger said that the trees seem to have good manners.

Question 8: Why were the trees unable to speak according to the philosopher?

Answer: The trees were unable to speak because they were lacking this gift.

Question 9: What did the stranger say after laying his hand upon a tree trunk?

Answer: The stranger said that he liked those trees.

Question 10: What reason did the philosopher give to the stranger for the cows not being able to look up when they were in the meadow?

Answer: The philosopher gave a reason that the cows are graminivorous and live upon grass, which is not highly nutritious. This requires such a close attention that they have no time to think, or speak, or look up when they are in the meadow.

Question 11: What did the stranger and the philosopher see when they reached a city?

Answer: On reaching the city, the stranger and the philosopher saw men and women on the street.

Question 12: Read the line and answer the questions that follow.

“They are alive, but not at all interesting.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: The philosopher said these words to stranger.

(b) Who are ‘they?

Answer: ‘They’ refer to the trees.

(c) Were ‘they’ alive?

Answer: Yes, they were alive although they were not intelligent, said the philosopher.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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