The Family Pets Contest Questions & Answers

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The Family Pets Contest Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Gleaming – shining
  • Squatted – sit with knees bent
  • Gruffly – roughly
  • Obesely – very fat and healthy
  • Affable – friendly
  • Throng – crowd
  • Bugger – slang used as a term of abuse
  • Fred – boy
  • Tousled – untidy
  • Squire – a man of high social status who owns an estate in a rural area

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) ‘It was late in the afternoon when the loudspeaker called me to my final duty.’ This means that the narrator was asked

i. to judge the family pets competition.
ii. to do his duty as an animal doctor.
iii. to meet the children, parents and friends gathered in the field.

(b) In order to be fair to all the contestants, the narrator decided to

i. interact with every pet.
ii. have a discussion with every pet owner and their parents.
iii. greet every young pet owner and their parents.

(c) George said, ‘It’s the way things are nowadays, Fred. Everything’s hulterior.’ This means George thought

i. The narrator was corrupt and dishonest.
ii. Fred was corrupt and dishonest.
iii. everybody was corrupt and dishonest.

(d) Before the contest,

i. the narrator had met the squire but not his son.
ii. the narrator had met the squire’s son but not the squire.
iii. the narrator had not met the squire or his son.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:
‘Oh Gawd, But I have never seen him before. Where’s he been?’

(a) Who is the speaker here?

Answer: The narrator is the speaker here.

(b) Who is referred to ‘him’?

Answer: ‘Him’ is referred to the boy with a goldfish.

(c) Where had he been before?

Answer: He had been to a boarding school.

Question 3: How did the narrator feel when he saw ‘the variety of creatures on show’? Why did he feel the way he did? What was the problem he faced?

Answer: The narrator expected only cats and dogs taking part in the pets contest but he was surprised to see variety of creatures. There were innumerable rabbits of all sizes and colours, white mice, guinea pig, tortoises, canary, a kitten, budgerigars, a parrot, a mynah, puppies, a few dogs and cats and a goldfish in a bowl. He was quite confused as how to judge and make decision as there were different varieties of pets. He did not know how to compare a puppy and a parrot, budgie and a bulldog. He did not want to be partial and prejudiced in his decision.

Question 4: To whom would the narrator have given different positions, if he had been pleasing himself?

Answer: He would have given first prize to a gleaming black Labrador sitting by a chair with massive composure, his second would have been a benevolent Tabby cat and he would have given third prize to the pups which were crawling and grunting obesely.

The Family Pets Contest Questions & Answers

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
‘I ignored him and continued.’

(a) Whom did ‘I’ ignore?

Answer: ‘I’ ignored the parrot which said ‘hellow’.

(b) Who is ‘I’ here?

Answer: ‘I’ is the narrator.

(c) What was ‘I’ supposed to do?

Answer: ‘I’ was supposed to judge the family pets competition

Question 6: There were three reasons why the boy with the goldfish impressed the narrator. What were they?

Answer: The three reasons were:
i. The narrator was impressed by the boy with the goldfish as the boy spoke knowledgeably about his fish, its feeding, life history and habits.
ii. He even knew about the common diseases.
iii. The bowl in which the fish was kept too, was beautifully clean and the water was fresh. He decided to give him the winning prize.

Question 7: Fill in the blanks:

If the narrator had decided not to use a scientific selection method, he would have given the first prize to the Labrador, the second prize to the tabby and the third prize to the pups.

Question 8: The judge of the contest was a veterinarian. Would the result have been different if the judge had not been a vet?

Answer: Yes, the result would have been different if the judge had not been a vet. This is because a vet knows better about the animals. Thus, he applied the scientific method for the judgement and kept aside the personal likes and dislikes.

Question 9: If the narrator knew who the boy with the goldfish was, would he have given the first prize?

Answer: Even if the narrator knew who the boy with the goldfish was, he would have given him the first prize. This is because he was not biased and declared the prizes using scientific method.

Question 10: What do you think the narrator could have done to make people understand that he had judged only on merit?

Answer: I think the narrator should have kept the reason for his judgement before the audience so that they would know that he had given the judgement using scientific method. The boy with the goldfish knows everything about his pet in detail so, he deserves the first prize.

So, these were The Family Pets Contest Questions & Answers.

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