The First Patient Questions & Answers

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The First Patient Questions & Answers

Question 1: According to W3, why is eight-thirty in the morning a dreadful hour to see the dentist?

Answer: According to W3, eight-thirty in the morning is very early to wake up and as she is feeling sleepy, so it is a dreadful hour to see the dentist.

Question 2: What funny instruction does W1 give her husband?

Answer: She instructed her husband to have the right tooth extracted.

Question 3: Is W5 a good photographer? How do we know?

Answer: W5 is not a good photographer at all. We know this because she placed her finger in the middle of the lens when she took a photograph of her landlady and she had a blurred snap of her sister-in-law’s little boy.

Question 4: M7 says, ‘Cowards, every one of them.’ Is he himself very brave?

Answer: M7 says, ‘Cowards, every one of them’. No, he himself was not very brave. It is very easy to comment, but the fact is that he too was very nervous.

Question 5: When and why does the little boy admit that he didn’t have a toothache?

Answer: When M6 explained about the awkward noise and pain caused during the process of tooth extraction and said that he too would have to face the same pain, the boy was very frightened and admitted that he didn’t have a toothache, he had just feigned it in order to miss school.

Question 6: W4: Here’s the dentist. W3: And about time, too. What does the second sentence show? Is the dentist on time or is he late?

Answer: The second sentence shows that the dentist was late.

Question 7: Why is W5 so unaware of the drama in the waiting room?

Answer: W5 was so unaware of the drama in the waiting room because she was busy showing off her pictures.

Question 8: Well, if it wasn’t a hammer, I should be attending an eye specialist and not a dentist. What does M7 mean when he says this?

Answer: M7 meant that if it was not a hammer, his eyes were certainly defective and he needed to go to an ophthalmologist instead of a dentist.

Question 9: I’m going to ask for gas. I’ll never forget the last time. What does M5 mean when he says this?

Answer: In this sentence, M5 wants to say that this time he will ask the dentist to give him an anaesthetic or chloroform gas, which would desensitize the gums that feel pain. He had not forgotten the last time at the dentist which had caused him great pain.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

I’m off to get someone who knows something about the job.

(a) Who spoke these words?

Answer: The dentist spoke these words.

(b) What ‘job’ is he referring to? What do the patients think he means?

Answer: The dentist was talking about someone who could break the lock of his instrument cabinet. The patients thought that the dentist was talking about a more qualified dentist who could do his job better.

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