The Forgotten Ones Questions & Answers

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The Forgotten Ones Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Ridicule – make fun of
  • Bullying – oppressing
  • Abandoned – neglected or forgotten

Question 1: Why are people sometimes afraid to speak up?

Answer: People are sometimes afraid to speak up because society calls them weak.

Question 2: From whose point of view is the poem written?

Answer: The poem is written from the point of view of those who don’t have voice, those who are abandoned and on their own.

Question 3: Who, according to the poet, have feelings too?

Answer: According to the poet, the people who have nothing to say have feelings too.

Question 4: Read these lines and answer the questions:

(a) Why do you think society calls some people weak?

Answer: Society calls some people weak because they are so afraid to speak.

(b) Do you think bullies consider the feelings of others?

Answer: No, they don’t consider the feelings of others.

(c) Who has the poet chosen to represent? Why do you think she has taken on this task?

Answer: The poet has chosen to represent the voiceless; the ones whom society ignores. I think she has taken this task because she wants to give a voice to those who don’t have one as they have feelings too and get hurt by the behaviour towards them.

Question 5: How can someone ‘slowly disappear’?

Answer: Someone can ‘slowly disappear’ when people don’t care whether they are there or not.

Question 6: Who do you think the poem is addressed to? Pick out lines in support of your answer.

Answer: The poem is addressed to ‘bullies’ who hurt people. The following lines, ‘Those you ridicule every day, Those you never saw cry, Those of us you just pass by, Though you see us, you don’t care’ tells us the poem is addressed to bullies.

Question 7: Read these lines and answer the questions:

(a) Why do you think ‘the ones abandoned’ hide their pain in their eyes?

Answer: I think, the ones abandoned hide their pain in their eyes because they do not want to show to the world how hurt they are. They feel the world will think of them as weak if they show emotions openly.

(b) What does the expression, ‘just pass by’ mean?

Answer: The expression ‘just pass by’ means to ignore.

(c) What eventually happens to these people who ‘just pass by’?

Answer: The people who you ‘just pass by’ slowly disappear like shadows.

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