The Friendly Dragon Questions & Answers

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The Friendly Dragon Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or Not True for the sentences:

1. Ji-hu was afraid of the dragon – Not True
2. Lado’s cousins scared people – True
3. Yejun wanted to fight against the dragon – Not True
4. The villagers wanted to see a fight – True
5. Lado was hurt in the fight – Not True

Question 2: Who told Ji-hu about the dragon?

Answer: Ji-hu’s father told him about the dragon.

Question 3: Why did Lado like the hill near Ji-hu’s village?

Answer: Lado wanted to live in a quiet place. So, he liked the hill near Ji-hu’s village.

Question 4: What did the villagers feel about the dragon?

Answer: The villagers felt terrified about the dragon.

Question 5: Why did the villagers choose Yejun to fight against the dragon?

Answer: Yejun was the strongest and bravest man in the village. So, the villagers chose him to fight against the dragon.

Question 6: What did Ji-hu want Yejun and Lado to do?

Answer: Ji-hu wanted Yejun and Lado to pretend to fight.

Question 7: Why did the villagers feel happy?

Answer: The villagers thought that Yejun won the fight. There was no fear of the dragon. So, they felt happy.

Question 8: Lado winked at Ji-hu. What was he telling Ji-hu?

Answer: Lado wanted to tell Ji-hu that their idea was a success. So, he winked at Ji-hu.

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