The Golden Touch Questions & Answers

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The Golden Touch Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) King Midas was a very rich man because he had

i. lots of gold
ii. good health
iii. many friends
iv. an intelligent mind

(b) More than gold, King Midas loved his

i. clothes
ii. daughter
iii. room
iv. palace

(c) Every day, King Midas would

i. meet the people of his kingdom
ii. go for a walk
iii. look at his gold
iv. read to his daughter

(d) King Midas was not a very happy man because

i. he wanted more gold
ii. he was bored
iii. he wanted to conquer more kingdoms
iv. he had no real friend

(e) The gold was kept

i. in the king’s cupboard
ii. in a dark room in the king’s palace
iii. in a shed
iv. in a safe

Question 2: What was the King fond of?

Answer: The King was fond of collecting gold.

Question 3: Where did he keep all his gold?

Answer: He kept all his gold in a dark room in his palace.

Question 4: Why did the king not know the value of his collection?

Answer: The King never knew the value of his collection because he never counted the number of ingots he had.

Question 5: Who appeared in the dark room one day?

Answer: A stranger appeared in the dark room one day.

Question 6: What did the stranger ask King Midas?

Answer: The stranger asked King Midas the reason for his sorrow.

Question 7: Why did the king say he was unhappy?

Answer: The king said that he was unhappy as he wanted more gold.

Question 8: What was the King’s wish?

Answer: The King wished that whatever he touched would turn into gold.

Question 9: What did the stranger grant the King?

Answer: The stranger granted the King ‘the golden touch’.

Question 10: How did the King Midas get rid of the golden touch?

Answer: The stranger told him to fetch water from the river and sprinkle over the things. He poured some water over his daughter’s statue and she got life. After that, he kept pouring water to bring everything back to normal.

Question 11: Was there a change in King Midas by the end of the story?

Answer: Yes, there was a change in him by the end of the story. He learnt the lesson and became wise. He realised that gold is not the most important valuable thing in the world.

So, these were The Golden Touch Questions & Answers.

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