King Midas and His Daughter Questions & Answers

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King Midas and His Daughter Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Strange man – unknown man
  • Rushed – ran
  • Realized – felt
  • Hugged – embraced
  • Statue – a body figure
  • Fetched – brought
  • Vase – flower pot

Question 1: Match the column A with Column B to make meaningful sentences:

Column AColumn B
a. King Midas wasi. turned into gold.
b. He once gotii. a strange gift.
c. Whatever he touchediii. his mistake.
d. Daughter of King Midasiv. a very greedy man.
e. Soon the king realizedv. turned into a statue of gold
Answer: a-iv, b-ii, c-i, d-v, e-iii

Question 2: What were the two things that King Midas used to love very much?

Answer: The two things that King Midas used to love very much were his daughter and gold.

Question 3: Who came to the king’s palace?

Answer: A strange man came to the king’s palace.

Question 4: What gift did the strange man give to the king?

Answer: The strange man said to the king that whatever he would touch from now would turn into gold.

Question 5: Was the king happy with the gift? How do you come to know this?

Answer: Yes, the king became very happy after getting that gift. This is because he went around touching things and they turned into gold.

Question 6: Why did king Midas weep?

Answer: When the king’s daughter hugged him, she at once turned into a statue of gold. Seeing this, the king wept and wept and could not do anything about it.

Question 7: Did king Midas realize his mistake?

Answer: Yes, the king Midas realized his mistake as he had lost everything he loved.

Question 8: How did the stranger help the king to get back everything?

Answer: The stranger was a kind man and he asked the king to bring water from the river and sprinkle it on everything. The king did that and he got back everything he loved.

Question 9: Why was king Midas an unhappy man?

Answer: King Midas was an unhappy man because he was greedy and always wanted more gold.

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