The Gypsies Questions & Answers

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The Gypsies Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Just in front of Author’s window, on the other side of the stream a ……………have ensconced themselves.

i. Tribe
ii. Band of gypsies
iii. Monkeys
iv. Animals

(b) Who keeps vigilant eye on the gypsies?

i. Monkeys
ii. Police
iii. Thief
iv. God

(c) Who are the real children of soil?

i. Dog
ii. Pig
iii. Gypsies
iv. Monkeys

(d) What did police officer say to gypsies?

i. To help him
ii. To clear out from there
iii. To build a playhouse
iv. To share the time

(e) When there was a little disturbance in the band of gypsies?

i. In the morning
ii. In the afternoon
iii. In the evening
iv. At night

(f) How did police officer speak with the headman of the Gypsies’ band?

i. Politely
ii. In a Loud voice and using strong language
iii. Softly
iv. Stupidly

(g) Select the meaning of the word ‘strident tones’.

i. Softly
ii. Loud and harsh tones
iii. Politely
iv. Happily

Question 2: Who are gypsies?

Answer: Gypsies are a group of people who have no permanent home. They wander about as it pleases them with their children, their pigs and a dog or two. They are very hardworking people.

Question 3: What is the gypsy way of life?

Answer: Gypsies live in the open and creep under their shelters only at night. They have no home, no landlord to pay rent to, wander about with their children, their pigs and a dog or two as it pleases them. That is the gypsies’ way of life.

Question 4: Describe the dwellings of the gypsies that are camped near the author’s house.

Answer: The dwellings of the gypsies are very simple. They put up bamboo frameworks covered over with split-bamboo mats and pieces of cloth. Some of the structures are so low that one cannot stand upright inside.

Question 5: Why did the police officer visit the gypsies?

Answer: There were some suspicious happenings in the locality. The local people and the police were suspecting this band of gypsies for all the happenings. Hence, the police officer visited the gypsies.

Question 6: Did the gypsies obey the instructions of the officer? Give reasons.

Answer: No, the gypsies did not obey the instructions of the officer. After the officer instructed them to clear out from there, they were nonchalantly engaged in splitting bamboos, cooking food or attending to personal hygiene.

Question 7: Why does the author call gypsies children of the soil?

Answer: According to the author, the gypsies are truly the children of the soil as they were born somewhere on the soil as they don’t have any house and bred by the wayside, here, there and everywhere. They die anywhere as they don’t have any fixed place to live or stay. Night and day under the open sky, in the open air, on the bare ground, they lead a unique kind of life. They work for their living, love their children and do all household duties as well. Everything is there in their life.

Question 8: How did the gypsy woman deal with the police officer?

Answer: In the beginning, after the police officer visited the gypsy hermitage, the woman, continued to sit in her place, busily scraping lengths of split bamboo as if she was alone and nothing was going on. Suddenly, she sprang to her feet and advanced on the police officer. Then, she gesticulated violently with her arms right in the police officer’s face, shouted at him in strident tones and gave him a piece of her mind.

So, these were The Gypsies Questions & Answers.

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